The Way We Were

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“You know, like I just miss us? She always busy and tired…Mhmm.” Alana could be heard on the phone from a mile away, but Kiandra knew it was especially because she wanted to be heard. She’s not even a loud talker generally, probably in a petty mood.

“Yeah…she coming in now. If you say so, bye.” Coming through the door now slightly annoyed, Kiandra sighed knowing she was complaining to her best friend again.

She knew Alana had been upset with not being able to spend much time together since Kiandra had been working hard at her job as a coordinator and main event planner. But it’s not like she wasn’t busy either, Alana was pulling shifts in a restaurant that rivaled her hours in culinary school.

Speaking of, the scent that wafted through their place let Kiandra know that she had cooked or brought home something good. But she wanted to ruffle Alana’s feathers a bit and picked at her nagging, “Who were you talking to about me this time?”

Alana came around the corner with her curly ringlets of hair in a top bun, “My best friend, Javi of course. And I wouldn’t have to complain if you took a day off!”

“I will when you do.”

“I told you I’m just waiting for you.” Alana countered as she wrapped her hands around Kiandra’s face, dragging her thumbs across her lips and brought her in for a slow kiss. Her soft lips beckoned Kiandra as she started off slow and tender. The kiss then deepened, Alana sucked on Kiandra’s bottom lip making her heart flutter and knees weaken. The once slow and sensual meeting of the lips was becoming urgent and needy.

Alana then began to work Kiandra out of her clothes, she slipped her hands under her shirt in search of skin. She tickled along her sides as if she were made of velvet, but Kiandra groaned and pulled away.

“Ba-baby, I’m too tired. I promise you, this weekend. Like, I put this on the ps5 I preordered for you.”

“YOU WHAT?” She laughed as Alana’s eyes widened in excitement, her joy unbridled as she jumped around.

“You promise? So this weekend as in tomorrow? I have to finish my shift tomorrow but I’m stealing Saturday and Sunday, someone owes me.”

Kiandra nodded in agreement before she was pulled into a hug and knocked over the back of the couch they were beside. Alana peppered her face with kisses before she ran off to the kitchen remembering the food. She returned slipping and sliding on her socks across their smooth floors where they spent the rest of the night before finally showering and heading to bed.

“Kia, she is about to be so shocked! She was texting me all day about how excited she is.” Javier was on the other line as Kiandra made her last few purchases in preparation for an unforgettable weekend.

All of her hard work was in anticipation of a promotion that would net her more cash and more free time. Alana was not aware and surprisingly enough, Javi kept that secret for her.

“Thanks again, I’m almost done with everything. I have to get back on the road and head home. I want to be sure I’m there before she is, knowing her, she’d try to leave early.”

Kiandra smiled as she hung up the phone and lugged the bags into the back of the car.

Alana came home to Kiandra relaxing on the couch and looked around bewildered.

“Did you stay home all day without me?”

“…Yeah.” Kiandra answered with a straight face as Alana glared at her and kicked off her shoes before coming to sit beside her.

“I can’t believe it, you made it sound like we were going to have this amazing time, and your big head in here not doing a thing.”

“You love this big head tho,” Kiandra whispered as she hooked Alana into her grasp, pulling her down into her lap for kisses. “You smell like food.”

Alana sat up and gave her a face, “I need to use the bathroom too.” She started to get up but Kiandra did as well. She knew something was up and then Kiandra grabbed her hand as she led her to the bedroom.

“What are you-“

“Shh, just get undressed.”

Alana felt Kiandra’s fingers brushing against her skin as she helped her undress, her exposed skin puckering to the air and lack of clothes. Then she felt hands covering her eyes while leading her to the bathroom.

“Baby I can’t beylikdüzü escort wait to see, but I really have to go to the bathroom..”

Kiandra rolled her eyes and laughed before opening the bathroom door and uncovering Alana’s eyes. She opened to find candles around the tub that was filled with bubbles. There also was a mysterious jar beside the tub with something in it. She looked back questionably at Kiandra before she was encouraged to go handle her business.

“Just hurry it up girl, trying to make this sexy hour.”

“Shut up,” Alana retorted while laughing as she scurried off to the toilet.

They were entangled in each other’s arms until Kiandra made Alana turn around, no longer facing her. In turn, she pouted and then sighed content as Kia assisted her with washing her body. She kissed along her neck before scrubbing at her back, sending chills of comfort down Alana’s spine.

Curiously Alana eyed the jar Kiandra had yet to explain as she silently worked her hands over Alana’s body in a comforting massage. The warmth of the large bubble bath was comforting while the aromas from the candles created an oasis scented of warm vanilla and maple.

“Kia, what’s with the Jar?” Alana broke free of her gentle hug and turned around to ask in between kisses. Kiandra looked back at her with half hooded eyes as Alana slipped her hand between her legs lightly brushing against her clit beneath the water.

“Open it.” Kiandra groaned before she stood, bubbles cascading down her dark brown skin and erect nipples. Alana’s focus snapped on to the jar while Kiandra began to empty the tub and allow them one last rinse before fully exiting.

“This is a piece of paper with the number 4? What is that supposed to mean.”

Kiandra grinned and helped Alana out of the tub before she leaned over biting her ear into a whisper, “That is the number of orgasms I have to give you with no breaks.”

A jolt of electricity went through Alana’s body at those words and she followed as Kiandra led her out of the bathroom into the bedroom. She firmly placed a towel down on the bed before signaling Alana to lay across it. She obliged and laid face down with her arms crossed, head facing the left, barely able to peek.

Kiandra’s presence was near her feet as there was a moment of stillness while she collected something before reaching over to turn on some music. Her ears then perked at the sound of a bottle opening before a cold sensation traveled up and down her back.

“What’s the safe word?” Kiandra asked before she began to smooth her hands over Alana’s back, spreading the liquid that began to warm and moisturize her supple skin.

“You’re serious?… Diamond?”

Kiandra scoffed before she climbed on top of Alana and lowered into her view on her side. Her box braids being the first thing Alana could see before her face and placed a tender kiss against Alana’s lips.

She then retreated, out of sight, and focused her hands-on Alana. Working her way up, from her feet to her arms, no skin was left untouched except the main places Alana yearned for her touch. But she could see Alana glistening in anticipation and flexing her thighs together for pressure.

“I hope you’re ready.” Kiandra gave one last statement before music filled the room, the sultry sensual melody of Say it by Ebz the artist began to play.

She then began to move her hands over the round globes that made up Alana’s bottom, she could feel her flexing them teasingly as it jiggled. Alana awaited Kiandra’s command to spread her legs. But Kiandra took her time rubbing over her back and upper arms, grazing her own bare pussy over the small of Alana

‘s back as she straddled her.

Flipping into a reverse straddle, Kiandra had a better view of Alana’s waiting nethers and reached between her legs feeling the moisture and heat. She teasingly played with the fluids Alana produced and used it to assist with blindly feeling along her clit.

Kiandra held herself up leaning against Alana’s legs that were still pressed together. She teased her gliding a finger between Alana’s legs while having limited flexibility. But Kia could feel her tense under her weight. A stiffness flowed through Alana’s body while Kia’s finger avcılar escort created smooth friction against her pleasure button.

Finally, she gave a firm slap on the glistening ass checks signaling Alana to open her legs and dove in. Alana thrashed at the suddenness as Kiandra’s hot tongue slid across her slit to dance around her clit. Alana could feel Kiandra rubbing her own clit along her back as she hooked her arms under Alana’s legs giving her better reach to lick and suck at her folds.

She moaned a heady moan, hearing Kia’s words replay in her mind again. The distinct sound of buzzing could be heard by Alana but she was unable to take a look due to their positions. Her thoughts were confirmed when she felt Kiandra begin to tease her with a vibrator. She felt the foreign object shift between her legs and slowly into her pussy with a gentle push. Kiandra turned it on the lowest setting as she continued to lick and suck at her clit. The intensity of a slow burn orgasm was building in her belly and creeping up her chest.

Alana’s breathing had begun to quicken and she could feel her body responding in quick jerks but then Kiandra stopped. She removed her mouth and slid the vibrator out, dropping it on the bed.

Alana groaned out in bewilderment as she felt the weight of Kiandra lift and leave her at the door of orgasmville. She was almost mad and kicked her feet against the bed before she felt a sharp pop as Kiandra smacked her butt in reprimand.

“So eager babe, don’t worry I promised you 4.”

She then heard Kiandra shuffling with something and the sound of heels against the floor. Sitting up on her forearms she turned back to see her girlfriend sporting sexy shoes and an intimidating dark purple strap-on.

She was speechless as Kiandra instructed her to get down on her knees, onto the cold floor.

“You won’t be down there long if you’re good,” Kiandra whispered with a hand under Alana’s chin before kissing her, wrestling her tongue against hers while sharing her taste.

She then lifted her leg against the edge of the bed exposing her pussy and budding clit, Alana looked up with excited eyes before she saw a smirk. She took a long languid lick over Kiandra’s pussy up to her clit, audibly licking it with an “Mm” that she used to vibrate against her lips.

She felt Kiandra grab at her, a handful of hair for support and guidance as she began to grind her mound against her lover’s lips. Alana then licked a finger to get it nice and wet and inserted it, rubbing it in tandem with between sucks.

Her own orgasm had been edged and halted but, seeing Kiandra like this and finally having the time, she knew this weekend was going to be memorable.

Kiandra shook under her ministrations as a small orgasm passed through her body making her unintentionally jerk her hips and moan. She then stopped Alana and pulled her up, they stood so close that their skin brushed together as she rose to her feet. Tracing Kiandra’s left sleeve tattoo, which was usually hidden, Alana thought of how timid yet stern she could be. While in the bedroom, she was often passionate and bold. With those thoughts, Alana pulled her into a kiss that mirrored the day prior. She thought about how this woman had her body and heart, while their lips danced until they were out of breath and Alana was pushed onto her back.

Kiandra eased herself over her form, laying kisses down her neck and across her chest until she enveloped a nipple between her lips. Alana writhed under her touch, feeling the flames of arousal heating her up all over again. Kiandra licked and teased the sensitive flesh until it puckered erect on its own and moved to the other.

Alana was again growing wet between her thighs and not unnoticed by her partner, Kiandra gripped her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed. She began to tease and rub the strap-on against her aroused lips; drizzled more of the warming massage oil that doubled as a lubricant.

“Are you ready Lana? I promised you…” Kiandra took her stance and admired the heels she bought specifically for this purpose. She also ensured the straps of the harness were secured as she planned to give the ride of her life.

Making sure the purple tip gleamed, she began esenyurt escort to ease into Alana’s open legs. She worked in and out adding more of its length when she could see Alana’s cream marking her progress. Finally, she was fully inside and giving long slow strokes as she rubbed her thumb over Lana’s excited clit.

She continued to tease her, rubbing her clit and building up her encroaching orgasm. She could see Alana’s skin flushing and beginning to glisten in a light sweat, her skin was hot to the touch as she felt her peak building.

Kiandra then began to speed up her long languid strokes, filling the room with wet noises and pushing Alana over the edge. But true to her word, the work of building up another orgasm began. Kiandra had to fight against Alana’s vice grip legs as the first orgasm washed over her like a wave. She had begun to squirm against her touch as her clit was so sensitive it almost hurt to touch, but she didn’t say the safe word.

Kiandra was thrusting into her with movements that were fast and rough, Alana’s pussy dripped her fluids down one thigh, a creamy build up that accumulated with every stroke. Alana could not hold in her moans, her breathing came out raspy as she gasped against the intensity. Kiandra then placed the vibrator from earlier against her clit and it sent her over the edge again.

Alana’s moans came out like cries of pleasure and her legs flew up to her chest, locked in pleasure. Kiandra was relentless as she panted, getting a workout but determined to do what she promised, “Two more baby do you want to tap out?”

Alana groaned as Kiandra flipped her over, it didn’t take much with her so close to the edge of the bed. Kiandra slapped her ass while Alana moaned and groaned but stood on her feet, bent over the bed.

Kiandra quickly spread her lover’s lower lips and plunged the strap-on back into her, she was determined and began to pick up the pace. Alana felt her legs shaking, Kiandra was hitting so deep inside of her it hurt but in the best way. She then felt her head be pulled back as Kiandra grabbed a handful of hair.

“You’re so creamy and wet, but this is how we used to be huh?” Kiandra whispered into her ear with labored breath as Alana’s eyes began to roll.

They were both glistening with sweat and Kiandra was panting, showing the efforts of all her work. She had let go of Alana’s hair and reached around to hold her up under her breast with one arm as the other reached around to tease her clit.

“F-Fuck, Kiii.” She gasped until she shook with a silent third orgasm that threatened her control over her body. Her body was so hot, each orgasm felt more intense and sharper than its predecessor.

Kiandra panted heavily against her neck as she told her there was one more. Alana began to shake her head, sweat ran down her temple and tickled her back, her legs were feeling numb and pussy still spasming. Alana had weakly pulled her legs on the bed as she collapsed, gasping into the sheets.

“Get up, you have one more,” Kiandra told her in a firm tone, as Alana dragged her legs under her while smiling and groaning against the bed. Suddenly weight was above her as Kiandra had kicked off the heels and now stood above. She pushed down Alana’s upper back making her point her ass in the air.

She could feel the dildo against her before Kiandra pushed inside with obscene squelching noises. Alana wanted more but at the same time no more, she shook her head as Kiandra began to work from above. The angle was perfect allowing it to brush against her g spot, it felt like fire and she started to run from the pleasure.

“Don’t. Run.” Kiandra huffed above her and emphasized each word, no doubt burning her thighs and legs in such a position. It was so much, it was too much, Alana couldn’t breathe. She panted and bit at the sheets as she began to rub her own clit ferociously. Her final orgasm did not disappoint as it crashed over her making her howl in pleasure. Her body shook so strongly that her legs flew from under her and made Kiandra topple down on top of her.

Smiling ear to ear she slipped out of the harness and cradled Alana against her chest, her heart was thudding so much she couldn’t speak. But they stayed together in each other’s arms uncomfortably wet from sweat, worn out and satisfied.

Once they both caught their breath, Kiandra kissed her forehead, and Alana spoke, “I owe you now.”

“You owe me double. I got a promotion.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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