Abby , Chelsea

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When the phone rang, I immediately jumped up to answer. I knew my daughter was out, and as all parents do, I was worried. Abby was a very responsible girl, but you know how teens are. She had just turned 18 and was out celebrating with a few friends.

“Hey, Dad, would you come and pick Chelsea and me up? We’ve had a little too much to drink, and, well you know what you told me…”

Of course, I recalled our conversation. I’d told her months before that I would rather her call home than drive under the influence. I had promised not to be angry or to lecture. Well, now was the time to prove I wasn’t bullshitting.

“No problem sweetie, I’ll be over in a few minutes. Don’t go anywhere, OK?”

“OK, Dad” said Abby.

Over the phone I also heard Chelsea call, “Yeah, thanks, Daddy!” Chelsea was a very close friend of my daughter’s and she called me “Daddy” sometimes as a goof. “Don’t tell my folks, OK?”

“I suppose that would be a conversation that should be between you and your parents, Chell.” On the way home they both said very little. I remained true to my promise and did not lecture. Instead I thanked then both for calling me. They sat in the back seat and cuddled up together. They’ve been friends since they were kids, but it took me a bit by surprise when I saw how close they seemed to be. They had too much alcohol, and were a lot more intimate than I would have imagined.

I wasn’t really concerned. I had heard rumors that Chelsea was into girls, but I attributed it to her boyish manner. I knew Abby liked boys. She had many boyfriends in the past and if she and Chelsea actually did sometimes play around with each other, well so what?

Still, their touchy-feely way of riding home did strike me as intriguing. Chelsea had her hand on Abby’s leg and Abby was nuzzling her face into Chelsea’s neck. Just a little more intimate than girlfriends, I suspected.

Of course, my mind began to turn this probable innocent behavior into a fantasy. Imagine if I could watch my own daughter with her friend. Naked. Having sex. Oh, god, what a sicko I am. It was a guilty pleasure that I kept in my mind. Hey, it’s just a crazy fantasy, right? I would imagine Chelsea, with her tiny A cup titties on her small boyish frame lying naked by Abby’s long and leggy body with her and fuller breasts. In my fantasies they licked each others pussies and made each other cum again and again. I was dreaming about my own daughter having lesbian sex with her best friend. I must truly be a pervert.

I used this image many times to pleasure myself, but I always felt guilty about it afterwards. When Chelsea stayed over, I would think that maybe they were in bed together right then, totally pleasing each other. I could hear them giggle, and in my mind, they were naked, intertwined and wet, between each other’s legs. I had all I could do to stop myself from peeking in on them.

When the girls enrolled in different colleges, they saw each other less and less. I knew Abby would sometimes go to visit Chelsea’s campus and Chelsea would also visit Abby’s. I thought about them together less and less. That is until I happened to see Chelsea once again… Oddly enough, I recognized her face only after I saw her naked.

I had gone to a strip club, and who of all people came out on stage – Chelsea! I really didn’t recognize her right away, because she had on much more make-up that I’d ever seem her before. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t looking so much at the dancer’s face, anyway. She had short brown hair, with a few reddish-punky looking streaks. Her little body was well toned and sexy. She had small perky titties with tight hard nipples and a voluptuous bottom.

She was down to nothing more than a G string before she noticed me. She walked over to where I was sitting and just as bold as could be resimli seks hikayeleri she bent over, pushed her little titties in my face and said, “Hi, Daddy.”

I was totally floored. “Oh, my God, it’s Chelsea,” I thought. My face must have turned sheet white. All I could think of to say was “Don’t tell Abby you saw me here!” She laughed and said, “I suppose that would be a conversation that should be between you and your daughter.”

We talked for a while she was onstage, and came back over when her set was over. She told me she was making some money while at college and asked me not to tell her folks about her job.

“Stay around for my next set,” she said. She went into the back room and I didn’t see her for about a half hour.

When she came out to dance again I was better prepared than before. I felt so excited to see my daughter’s friend dance on stage. She kept an eye on me as she danced and took off more and more. She came over to my seat and squat down right in front of me. “I guess you’d like to see my pussy. Right, Daddy?”

With that comment, she pulled off her last remaining cover and slowly ran her finger over her pussy lips. “Do you think you’d like a lap dance, Daddy?”

This was of course a no-brainer. All of the blood was nowhere near my brain anyway. I followed her to the lap dance area and enjoyed a very sexy dance from a very naked Chelsea. She let my touch her breasts and even lick her nipples. I moved my hand between her legs and felt the warm, moist skin of her pussy lips. “Behave,” she said. “This isn’t the private area, you know.”

I had gotten many lap dances, but had never been to the private area. The cost of a lap dance was $20; the private area was $150. I never was really tempted before to go into a private room. How often does something like this happen?

“If you’re interested, you could take me there.” she said.

“You’d take me to the private area?” I asked.

“Don’t be silly,” she said. “Of course. We’ll have fun. And of course, no one else has to know, right?”

In the private area, I sat down in a big pillowy chair. Chelsea stood in front of me and took off every thing she had on. She had the cutest little breasts, cupcakes, I’d say. Her nipples were still long and hard. Her shaved pussy lips were cute and pouty. There was a bit of labia visible just below her cleft.

As she sat on my lap I admitted that I have always thought about her naked before. I told her that she looked better than I had imagined. As she rubbed her pussy against me, I admitted that I thought about her and Abby together. That made her laugh. “Yeah,” she said, “your daughter certainly is a hottie. She and I had some crazy times together.”

I wanted to come out and ask her if she and Abby ever had sex together but decided that was not a good idea. I was worried it might spoil the moment we were sharing. As it turned out, I shouldn’t have worried.

“Your daughter has just about the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted,” she blurted out. My cock must have gotten a lot harder at that, because Chelsea suddenly looked down at my lap in surprise.

“My,” she said, “that really brought someone to life!” She unzipped my pants and put her hand inside and grabbed my cock! She squeezed and I gasped.

“Thinking about licking your daughter’s pussy is making me very hot,” she said as she took my cock out of my pants. “Quick, no one will see, put it in me,” she said. There was no need to ask me twice. As I entered her, I could only think about all my fantasies starring Chelsea and Abby. She felt tight and wonderful. “I can’t believe I’m fucking Abby’s Dad,” she whispered in my ear. “I can’t wait to tell her!”

I didn’t have a chance to respond to that comment because I was about to cum. “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me,” she whispered in my ear. “Cum deep inside my cunt!”

I did as I was told. Then I kissed her and thanked her. I asked her to please not mention anything about today to Abby. She told me that I should not worry about it at all, and I assumed that meant she would keep the secret.

I told her that I would love to do this again sometime, and she told me when she would be working. I knew this wasn’t the end of it.

I saw Chelsea at the strip club several more times after that. It was difficult to stay away. Sometimes I’d get a lap dance; sometimes we’d go back to the private area. On one or two occasions more she let me cum in her pussy. She always enjoyed teasing me with stories about her adventures with my daughter.

I discovered that Abby and Chelsea had entertained everyone that night at the party when I picked them up long ago. She told me how the guys at the party had jerked off on both of them while they licked each other’s pussies. She told me about the times they shared their boyfriends with each other. She told me about how they shared their boyfriend’s cum while deep kissing each other. She told me about sleepovers they had with other members of the girls’ high school track team. I couldn’t believe my daughter was such a slut, but in a way, I was very proud of her.

Still, I was happy that Chelsea didn’t seem to have said anything to Abby about our secret. She told me that Abby knew about her part time job as a nude dancer. Abby certainly didn’t need to know that Chelsea had danced for, and even fucked her own father!

One evening as we and I were finishing an especially hot lap dance, Chelsea mentioned that the club was going to sponsor a special private party in a few weeks. Each of the dancers was inviting some of their regular customers to this event. She told me that I was invited and should definitely come. She told me that things might pretty wild, promising that it would be well worth the $500 admission.

Damn, that’s a lot of money! But Chelsea promised that it would absolutely be worth any amount of money, so I agreed.

On the night of the event I was extremely excited, though I really didn’t know what to expect. I arrived at the club around midnight and suddenly realized that this night was going to be very different from a normal club night. There were fewer men than usual and all of the dancers were milling around totally naked, serving drinks and acting very flirtatious. Several of the men had their cocks out of their pants and were enjoying being serviced by some young lady’s hand. I looked around and noticed that a gentleman was standing in a corner while a lovely long haired girl was kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. Chelsea quickly came over to me and herded me to a dark corner. She said she needed to talk with me.

She explained that there were some girls that only worked when they had these special parties. These girls didn’t want to strip on a regular basis, but were eager to attend these parties a few times a year where they could make some really nice cash. This all sounded interesting, but I wondered why she needed to tell me so privately.

“Well, you see, Daddy, Abby is working this party tonight, too.”

My jaw dropped. Just as she said this, I looked around, and across the room I saw a very naked woman who resembled my daughter. She had her hand in the lap of a guy about twice her age. His cock was long and hard, and she was massaging it with her hand. It certainly was my daughter, and the sight made me weak in the knees. “That’s Abby!” Chelsea said. “She wastes no time. Gotta love her.”

Chelsea explained that my daughter Abby sometimes worked at these parties to earn some extra spending cash. She said that she didn’t tell me ahead of time because she thought I wouldn’t have come.

Well, she might have been right, I’ll never know. But there I sat, next to a very naked Chelsea, watching my own daughter give a hand job to a total stranger. Chelsea took the opportunity to take grab hold of my cock and take it out of my pants. I don’t think Abby knew I was there, because Chelsea said that we should just watch for a little while.

As I watched from across the room I saw my daughter take some bills from the gentleman, get on her knees and take his cock into her mouth. She was amazing. She took the entire shaft until her lips were against his body. She bobbed up and down on his cock with amazing grace. She pulled her blonde hair back so anyone could watch the blowjob better, just like a porn star. Chelsea began sucking on my cock while I watched.

As I was getting on of the greatest blowjobs in my life, I was treated to the sight of my daughter giving a blowjob to a total stranger. Several guys gathered around to watch Abby and the man. Chelsea stopped giving me head and said, “Let’s go over there. You’ll want to watch this.”

As we walked over to Abby and the man, we saw another guy come up behind my daughter and take his cock out. Abby must have expected this because she and lifted her ass high so that he could enter her while she continued to suck the first man.

“I told you she was a slut.” Chelsea said. “Watch her take 2 cocks in her at the same time.” I did watch and I couldn’t believe how hot it was. I stroked my cock in one hand and played with Chelsea’s pussy with the other. As soon as the man fucking Abby from behind came he pulled out and was replaced by another guy. As I watched from the back of what was now a small crowd, I continued to jerk myself off.

Chelsea left my side and sat down in a chair right beside the man receiving a blow job from my daughter. She spread her legs apart, took the man’s hand and placed it on her pussy, all the time looking directly at me. The guy couldn’t take any more and he came. Cum shot into my daughter’s face and hair. Cum sprayed on the chair and on even some on Chelsea’s leg. Abby noticed all the cum on Chelsea’s leg and moved to her chair to clean it up. From there she continued up Chelsea’s leg to her wet pussy. And she dove right in!

From the back of the crowd, I was actually watching my daughter licking Chelsea’s hot wet pussy. A new partner began fucking Abby from behind and the sight made me wild. I made my way to the front of the group and stood right behind my slutty offspring. I saw up close as his cock entered and withdrew from her cunt. Chelsea was watching me and she knew how hot it was making me. She looked directly at me as she told my daughter to stick her tongue deep in her cunt.

A assumed that Abby didn’t know I was at the party, so couldn’t be aware that I was watching. As soon as the last doggy fucker shot his load all over Abby’s back and ass I knew that his cock was soon going to be replaced by yet another hard dick. As I watched, Chelsea was about to cum under the talented tongue of my very own Abby. Then, I noticed that Chelsea was telling me to go for it. She nodded her head at me as if to say, “If you don’t do it, someone else will.”

I can’t believe that I was sick enough to do it. My cock was raging hard, and all I could think of was, “Fuck her, damn it, fuck her!” And I did! I spread her ass cheeks apart and slid my hard cock right into Abby’s beautiful pussy. My own little girl. I was actually fucking my own daughter while she sucked on her friend’s pussy. Men and women all watched as Chelsea shouted, “Fuck her, Daddy! Fuck her good.” I knew I would be shooting off in just a few seconds when I heard my daughter respond, “Chelsea’s right, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt. Then fuck my ass. I knew you’d do it. Chelsea said you would. Cum all over me, Daddy, you fucking pervert!”

Suddenly I realized that this wasn’t going to be the last time the three of us would fuck. I truly am a fucking pervert.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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