BBB – Big Beautiful Bitch Pt. 01

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Big Tits

This is the mostly true story of my first girlfriend and myself. It picks up on the second day we lived together. We had just had an argument, and I was at a crossroads, She had told me what she wanted… she wanted a Master, a boss someone to tell her what to do, tie her up, and fuck her into oblivion at a moments notice, and I was kind of a massive bitch at the time I was afraid, as I was only eighteen, and she was… fifty-two, which many will insult her, but I am sure they will be gutted to know that I was the one who had asked her out, and pursued her. She is an incredible BBW, or as I would come to call her my big beautiful bitch.

I was sat on the couch in the living room surrounded by a large amount of trash, and clutter, due to her spending most of her time with me. Due to my constant talking to her via Skype phone calls, and texts she had fallen behind in everything, and she wanted me to get her back on track, be a real man. I was in tears, alone, the women I loved was sitting in the next room, upset with me, and I was doing nothing to remedy the situation. I was a failure.

I knew I had only one option, but I didn’t want to take it as I didn’t want to be her Master, I wanted to be her partner. I had watched films for her and knew what she wanted, but could I? It wasn’t me, but I loved her, and I… I needed to do something…

I stood up shaking, closed my eyes, and stormed my way into her office. “Alice” As I spoke I reached around her and firmly grabbed a hold of her lower jaw. “You, want to be mine, you want to be my sub, then it starts right now, am I understood?” I feel I should mention that as far as I remember I managed a confident expression when I did this, but in all honesty, I probably looked like a Christian seeing a VJ for the first time.

Alice stared at me, with shock, and clear fear, she knew I was a bitch, and even managing this much. She barely managed to mutter out an “ok” from the shock. I pulled myself close to her barely an inch away from her face. ” Alice, that is not how you answer your, Master, slut.” She stared into my eyes, swallowed hard “Yes, Master.” I kissed her, our tongues pressing together, as I fully committed to making her happy.

I ran my fingers up through her hair, grabbing ahold as I pressed into her. She reached around and grabbed my ass. She squeezed it hard as I sucked on her tongue. I grabbed ahold of her wrist, and pulling away from her I said: “I am going to give you the first taste of what being my pet is going to be like.” I pulled her to her feet and brought her to our bedroom.

The room itself was cluttered with a large queen-sized bed in the center a full length wardrobe at its foot two dressers on one side, a large sitting chair on the other, and underneath the floor to ceiling windows that the chair set next too was a foot high stool that stretched from one side of the window to the other. Everything was an off white, with a few golden accents here, and there. I brought her to the one open area in between the bed and the stool.

“Undress for me.” My first command ever given her was a simple one, but this singular command would dictate the rest of our time together. She hesitated, only a few seconds, but still if I wanted to prove myself I needed to be on top of every situation at the start. She started to move to take off her shirt, but before she could I grabbed hold of her hands.

“Bend over the bed now.” I forced my emotions down, my face finally managing to become solid, a stern look finally stretching over it, but I could not be her Master without care, not without the love that I felt so deeply to spur me denizli escort onto this course. She shifted and bent herself over the bed arms together, feet slightly apart. She was a big woman at the time, she was fat yes, but not the ugly kind of fat, not the three hundred dollars at mc Donalds a week fat, more the lack of exercise, kind of fat. Her ass was big and round and soft to the touch.

I slowly reached up to her waist and pulled down her sweat pants revealing her ass that I craved so much. I pulled them down to her knees so I could see her cunt, covered in brown hair.

I knelt down behind her and stared at her sweet ass, and dripping pussy, It was plain to see that this turned her on yet she would never admit to it. I moved up her side, grabbing a hold of her hair, and pulling it back so she matched my gaze. “This is for not following my orders fast enough slut, you are to thank me forever… single… a swat on that fat ass of yours am I understood.” She nodded, I pulled on her hair just enough for it to start to hurt.

“Y…Yes, Master!” she yelled. I smiled and moved behind her, I knew that I could hurt her, with this spanking, but I also knew that I probably was not strong enough to do anything major. At the time I was a five-seven slightly Doughy “Man” who had no right to be doing this whatsoever, it was only through… I don’t know blind luck I managed to pull this off.

I brought my hand down hard on her ass, she moved forward away from it and howled out in pain. I waited a moment to check on her, to see if she was alright, not a word came from her the only thing she did was start to wiggle her ass, taunting me pulling the control I had away from me. I smiled knowing that MY BITCH was so strong, I leaned over her and whispered into her ear

“What do you say to your Master slut”? I almost burst out laughing when she gave that sharp inhale when she realized she forgot.

“I’m sorry, Master, Thank you, Master.” I laughed slightly, trying to make it sound as if she were beneath me. “slut what are you?”

“I am yours, Master.” She said I could almost hear her confident smirk that she had gotten it right. I brought my hand down hard on her ass again. “Incorrect slut.”

“Thank you, Master.” She waited a moment after realizing what she had just said: “I, I’m your slut, Master.”

“Good.” I slapped her ass again enjoying her ass jiggly in a way that I can only describe as mesmerizing. “What else are you”?

“Thank you, master. I… I’m your cockslut” I had never heard that one before, but I certainly loved it. Each slap was a massive confidence boost for me, and she knew it.

“What else slut?” once more I slapped her ass, and waited.

“Fuck! Thank you, Master. I’m your fuckbunny,” Slap. “Agg, Thank you, Master…” Slap, Slap.

“What… Else slut?”

“Fuck, Master… I’m your cumrag, and… and your pet.” Slap “MAster! Th… thank you, Master, I’m your fuck toy.” Slap “Fuuuuu, agg, Master, thank you… I’m your plaything… agg” Slap. “Thank you, Master, I am your slave.” Before the last slap, I looked down at her dripping wet cunt. Even in porn, I had never seen pussy juice running down someone’s leg before. Slap “Agggg” She howled as she lurched forward her legs giving out as she came from the pain of her first punishment. “Thank you… Master, I am yours.” she slowly panted out after finally coming down.

“I am proud of you Alice” I Kissed her forehead and moved back behind her. “But we, aren’t done. We have spent the last two fucking years talking about this shit, and if you think antalya escort I am done, you are wrong my sweet cockwhore.” I pulled her pants back up, and let her rest a moment before pulling her to her feet.

She stood there shaking, and panting, and I would be a massive liar if I said I wasn’t incredibly turned on at that moment.

“Strip.” This time when I spoke she had zero hesitation she grabbed her shirt and ripped it off, her E sized breasts jiggling as she threw it off. She reached around her back and undid the latched on her bra, sliding her hands around before mashing her breasts together, and dropping the bra. Letting them bound for her Master for a moment before sliding her hands down and removing her pants, throwing them aside. Even though they were on her for a second I could see her panties were clear soaked through. She put her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down to her ankles.

“Good slut, now undress your Master.” She walked over to me, grabbed the hem of my shirt, and pulled it over my head. Next, she dropped to her knees and pulled down my pants, leaving just my underwear. She grabbed onto the front and pulled them down my cock springing free and slapping her in the face. She had never done anything like this with me before, and I knew I had her hooked at that moment.

I think it’s about time I describe myself. I am five-seven, a little chunky, but not too bad, with almost no chest hair, but a ton of cock and stomach hair, I keep all but my cock and snail trail trimmed down at the time. Alice was very adamant that only children didn’t have hair down there. Despite me being of average high I have a fairly long cock, around eight inches, now it’s of average thickness, but not length.

My cock slapped her hard in the face, and without prompt so quickly started licking and sucking on me. She started with a slow lick up my entire length until she reached my head, she wrapped her lips around my head and started slowly sucking and licking me. Running her tongue around the head of my cock, she ran one hand up my ass, and the other to my balls. Alice started to slide my cock down her throat, sucking and licking me the entire time.

I ran a hand through her hair, grabbing a fist full I pushed my cock deep into her throat. I waited a moment to hear her gag before I let her off my cock. She fell backward panting. “I want you to learn how to deepthroat me, me sweet cockslut, I want you to be a perfect slut for me to understand?” Alice coughed for a moment before answering.

“Yes, Master, I only want to please you.” She stared directly into my eyes, a mix of anger and lust at what I had done. She told me once she wanted to be a prostitute, and she is the one who begged me to do shit like this, so I knew what she wanted was to be a whore for me, and I was going to make damn sure she wasn’t a shit one.

“Get on the bed, I am going to fill that cunt of yours with my cum.”

Alice scrambled onto the bed she wanted it, she might of fucking needed my cum, and all I wanted to do was give it to her. She laid down on her back legs spread wide and cunt dripping wet for me. I climbed up behind, pushed her legs wide, and buried my throbbing cock deep in her cunt. I slowly pushed into her making sure she felt every inch. I couldn’t contain myself and quickly started pounding into her.

My balls slapped into her taint over and over again, as I pounded her sweet pussy. Slap, slap, slap over and over again, until I came to my senses, and pulled out. I leaned forward putting my hand on her throat choking her slightly. “Hands, izmir escort and Knees now.”

“Yes, Master.” She said as she rolled over, quicker then I could even give a command at this point.

She kept her legs spread, and ass high as she shifted over. Her ass covered in red handprints, an incredibly beautiful sight in my opinion.

I moved up behind her slapping her ass again and slammed into her from behind. I was done with the act, I fucked her hard, and fast slamming into her, her entire body jiggling with every thrust. In one final good idea, before I finished I reached forward grabbed her hair and pulled her hair back as I shot my mark deep inside her. I let go of her hair, slumped over Alice, and after a short moment started thrusting in and out of her again, listening to her moan like a bitch in heat with every thrust.

Once she came again, I pulled out and rolled her over. I moved up next to her face and slapped my cockdown on her face. “Clean it slut.” disgust quickly covered her face, as I knew this was something she hated. She wouldn’t kill me for an hour after I ate her out, so this was definitely pushing her. Even with her clear dislike she opened her mouth and started slowly painstakingly sucking and licking every inch of my cock clean. After it was clean she turned her head and started sucking me again.

Working up and down my shaft, she turned onto her side to better suck on my cock. She worked her way down my shaft making it a little deeper each time. With each pass, she ran her tongue around the head of my cock and flicked it over the very tip before sliding down my shaft again. She worked my cock for several minutes before I was ready to cum again.

“Slut, I am going to finish again, swallow it all or take it on your face.” With those words, she deepthroated my cock, and I shot my mark deep in her throat. I pulled out the second, I could manage, but I could hold back my smirk as she gagged on my cock and cum.

“Thank you, Master.” She gasped as she tried to regain her breath.

“Now, what a good slut, thanking her Master for a meal. Well, I have one last thing I want to do to establish what you are, do you have a non-permanent marker?” She nodded and started to get up, I put my hand on her chest, and told her to stay down while I go grab what I need.

In her crafting room which was one door down, in between the bedroom and the office. Just off from the bedroom, on the other hand, was a walk-in closet, and a bathroom, I found a scattered arrangement of sex toys, but after some digging through mounds of random stuff, I found a rope, and a night mask.

I slipped the mask on her, tired her arms and legs apart and set to work, scribbling on every inch of her body, her forehead cheeks, neck tits, arms, every single inch. After a few moments to check my work and make sure that I had not misspelled anything, or made any other mistakes, I untired her, I slowly brought her to her feet and led her to the full-length mirror in the bathroom.

I pulled the mask off her face, and instantly upon seeing herself naked in the mirror, she attempted to run off. I quickly grabbed her and pulled her back pressing her into myself and pointing her towards the mirror.

“Alice, the longer you refuse to look, the longer you will be held here, and the worst your punishment after the fact will be.” With those words she slowly raised her head, and written directly on her forehead was the word loved. Under her lips the word flawless, above her breasts the words Master’s perfect pillows, above her cunt Master’s favorite meal. I did not write a single word with any hate, or discontent.


So this is where I am going to leave the story, for now. I hope to write more. This first part is almost 100% accurate through I am going partly from memory and partly from my journal which I can hardly make out at points. Please leave any Critiques or suggestions in the comments below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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