CFNM Randy Summers , the Boss Lady

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Big Tits

My female studio executive was as good as her word. I got a call from a lady named Roxanne who had spoken with Ms. Mayer. Roxanne ran a small internet mail order business out of her house and needed some specialized part time help.

She had purchased a large quantity of erotic photography in digital format and was planning to use the images to make some G and X rated galleries for sale online and to various mobile devices.

She also offered some clothing and sex toys for sale as well. She had one or two other girls who helped her fill the mail orders, but neither of them was experienced in dealing with photo layouts.

I do have experience in working with Photoshop, sizing, correcting and otherwise manipulating photographs. We chatted briefly about the job requirements and pay and she decided she wanted to interview me.

The business card I had given to Ms. Mayer also had links to my CFNM business site and it seems that Roxanne had reviewed my site. Before we concluded our initial phone conversation she made some very telling remarks.

“Now Randy, I see from your other site that you understand the concept of CFNM.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I will assume that you do not have any problems taking work orders from women.”

“No ma’am.”

“Some men have a problem with women in authority. I must know that you have no such problems.”

“No ma’am. I have no problem following orders from my superior at work if it is a woman.”

“Good, because I need a good “nerd” who understands that he needs to keep focused on his tasks and who understands the rules of CFNM.”

I could sense that she was looking for a bit of role play from me.

“Some computer geeks I have employed become far too easily distracted and I cannot have that.”

“I understand completely ma’am.”

“Good, then I will see you here at 10 am in the morning.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll be there”.

I arrived a few minutes early, decked out in my best “nerd” look, slacks, penny loafers, and argyle socks button-down shirt, bow tie and sweater vest. I even have a pair of non prescription horn-rimmed glasses for this sort of thing.

I rang the bell. The door was answered by a very attractive 40-ish blond wearing a very low cut blouse, tight stretch slacks and short high heel boots.

“You must be Randy, I appreciate punctuality.”

“Thank you ma’am, I pride myself on my professionalism.”

We chatted briefly about my qualifications and the requirements of the job, I would only be needed one or two days a week and probably only for a few weeks. She led me to the office area I was going to be using. It looked like a guest house that had been converted into an office. There was a table off to one side with what looked like shipping boxes and tape, and another work table with a computer and printer and telephone.

My desk was situated so that I faced both of these work tables as I sat. I said “desk” but it was really another folding table, no actual drawers or anything. My work area had a keyboard and monitor and mouse and nothing else. There was also a small office chair with casters and armrests.

Roxanne had me sit down. She wheeled another chair over and sat down next to me, showing me where the various image files were located in the hard drive. We went over the specifications as to size and resolution.

“Now Randy, you will be working with a lot of very erotic imagery. Will you have a problem with that?”

“No, ma’am, I have often worked with x rated material.”

“That isn’t what I mean. My previous assistant was always becoming aroused and not keeping his mind on his work. I caught him masturbating when he should have been working and I had to let him go.”

“Ma’am, I would never…”

She interrupted me. “I wasn’t upset that he was aroused, after all, these are very sexual images and men have so little control over their penises. Knowing that looking at the images can arouse a man helps me know that they will sell well online. I was angry that he was touching himself without my permission. Do you understand?”

I understood fully. She was a dominatrix. “Yes Mistress” I answered.

Roxanne laughed. “You DO understand; I was hoping that you would, but please address me as Miss Roxanne or just Miss.”

“Yes, Miss Roxanne.”

“Now let’s see if you have the skills for this job.”

She watched me for a while, selecting images, cropping, color correcting and such. It is a bit tricky making some G rated photos out of images designed to be X rated.

She seemed particularly pleased with one unusual crop I had made.

“Yes, that is very clever Randy. The way you cropped the thigh (with that she placed her hand on my thigh) ‘to here’ (she moved along my thigh) ‘instead of to here’ (she moved her hand again) made it G rated but still very erotic”.

“Thank you Miss.”

I continued working, her hand still stroking my thigh. I was wearing loose slacks and loose boxers, so it wasn’t long before my cock started snaking its way down my thigh.

I heard her gasp mersin escort as her hand came in contact with my swelling and lengthening shaft through my trousers. I felt my breath coming a bit faster, but I continued selecting and cropping photos.

She began running the palm of her hand along my shaft. I knew I was being tested and was determined to remain non-flustered.

I couldn’t help but writhe slightly under her ministrations, but I kept at my task.

When she had gotten me as fully aroused as I could get through boxers and slacks, she took her hand away and laughed.

“Excellent Randy, I see you CAN keep focused on your work.”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.”

“That will be enough for today. Please return on Friday at the same time.”

“Yes Miss.”

“And Randy, the weather is supposed to be quite warm and the AC in this office is scheduled for repairs, you may dress casually.”

“Yes Miss.”

I arrived on Friday at the scheduled time. It was indeed going to be a hot day. I needed the AC in the car on the way to the job, and it was still morning.

I dressed in “nerd casual”, mindful of my role play assignment. I wore sandals, over the calf socks, knee length walking shorts and a short sleeve button-down shirt with bow tie. I still wore my horn rimmed glasses to complete the look.

Roxanne greeted me in yoga pants and a tube top, ideal for the warm weather. She showed me to my desk and we went over the schedule of which files to start on.

I enjoy this kind of work as it requires some creativity, and I enjoy looking at good photography of attractive naked people.

After about half an hour, Roxanne reappeared with an iced coffee for me. It was refreshing in the warm room and I can always use the caffeine.


“Yes, Miss”

“I don’t know if I mentioned that I also sell some clothing and toy products on line.”

“Yes Miss, you did mention that to me.”

“Good. I may need your help with some of the items. All my workers are female and some of the items are for men. I may need a male point of view. I will, of course pay a bit extra if you help with some of these products. Is that agreeable?”

“Yes, Miss, anything I can do to help and these days any extra money is always welcome.”

“Very good, Randy, have you ever tried any of the herbal male enhancement pills?

“Yes Miss, I have tried them, but I always found that they didn’t really work.”

“Would you be willing to test this?”

She handed me a bottle of pills. I looked over the ingredients; it was very much the type of thing I have tried before, so I agreed.

I downed the pill and went back to my work on the layouts.

Either the photography was making me horny or the pill was working, because after about 20 minutes I felt my cock swelling and stiffening. My loose walking shorts had hiked up my thighs a bit as I sat and I could sense the head of my hardening cock poking out the bottom of my boxer shorts.

Roxanne came in with another girl.

“Randy, this is Joanne; she does the online order processing.”

I rose to greet her, and mindful of my erection, moved to cover my crotch with my other hand.

Roxanne looked down at my odd gesture. “Randy, what are you hiding there?”

“I’m sorry Miss; the pill you asked me to test seems to be working. I didn’t want to offend Joanne.”

“Nonsense, Joanne helps me select products for the site. She needs to know if things do what they claim to do.”

“Yes Miss. I can attest that this pill seems to work.”

“Well its fine for him to SAY that it works”, piped in Joanne, “but how can we be sure unless we can see that it is working?”

“Good point,” said Roxanne. “Randy I need you to remove your pants.”

“Oh Miss” I replied, “I’m sure that it would be very inappropriate for me to do that in the workplace.” I was doing my best to be the awkward geek.

“Randy, one of the conditions of your hire was that you were able to take orders from women.”

“Yes, Miss.”

“Then remove your shorts so that we can determine how well the pill is working.”

I did as told and my hard cock sprang into full view. I could feel their eyes on me, studying my dick as though it were an item to be sold. I had to admit that these pills really worked. I wasn’t feeling particularly aroused emotionally but still had a full-on erection. I wondered if Roxanne would let me have a bottle.

“Hmm” said Joanne. “Randy’s penis is actually rather longer than normal isn’t’ it?’ She ran her hand along the length.

“Yes’ said Roxanne. “And very slim and straight.” She pulled on it gently.

“The head is rather large, like a mushroom.” With that, Joanne reached over and squeezed the head of my cock. I jumped back a bit and attempted to cover myself with my hands.

“Randy” said Roxanne. “You must learn to behave in a more professional manner. That is what got my last assistant fired.”

“Yes, Miss. I’m sorry but its very embarrassing standing kocaeli escort here with an erection and being examined that way is making me very horny. I didn’t want to offend you.”

“This is why I have so little tolerance for men. It isn’t about your hard on or you being horny. We need to determine if your cock can be of use in my business. We may need to look at it or touch it in order to test some products. You must be able to deal with that or I will need another assistant.”

“Yes Miss, I understand.”

“Now I think its time for you to get back to your layouts.”

“Yes Miss.” I moved to put my shorts back on.

“No Randy. We may need to make use of your penis later. I think you should leave your pants off for now. I have some appointments. If Joanne needs your help, you are to do as she asks.”

“Yes Miss, whatever you say.”

I returned to my desk and my work of selection and cropping photos. From her work station across from me I could feel Joanne’s eyes on my cock. This is one of the things I like most about CFNM. The fact that I’m nude in front of women, and that my cock is on display is very arousing and yet not knowing what use the ladies would have for my penis is also a bit frightening.

Working with the erotic images and having Joanne staring at my crotch from across the room was making me very horny. Something about having my cock out in a place of business and looking at porn made me want to grab hold and jack myself, but I knew that wasn’t allowed.

After a bit, Joanne came over to my desk.


“Yes Miss?”

“You understand that you are to help me if I need something don’t you?”

“Yes Miss, those were Miss Roxanne’s instructions.”

“Good. There are some products that I need your help with.”

“However I can be of help Miss.”

“Great. There is a lubricant we are thinking of selling. I am curious to know if it stays as slick as long as the maker says.”

“I will be glad to put some on and try it Miss.” Here I thought was a good chance to wank myself a bit without getting into trouble.

“Oh no, you need to keep working on those layouts. I will apply the lube.”

With that Joanne squirted a goodly amount of lube on my shaft and proceeded to rub it in be gently but firmly stroking my cock.

My dick jumped to full attention at the touch of the silky lube and Joanne’s hand stroking it.

“Please continue your work while I examine the staying power of this lube.”

“Yes Miss.” I gasped, feeling extremely aroused by this activity. It was very warm in the office, and I was beginning to sweat.

Why Randy, it seems to have gotten rather warm in here. You may remove your shirt…just your shirt.”

I did as instructed and sat there, naked except for my sandals, socks, bow tie and glasses. Joanne seemed amused by the sight of the nerd with a huge hard on.

She continued stroking my cock, using various grips, forehand, back hand even two hands. My cock was like granite and the lube was so soft and slick. I was starting to drool pre-cum. It felt incredible. I found myself thinking that I might not mind being her sex slave.

She was quite pretty, blonde and petite much like Roxanne, they could have been sisters. She was wearing a very low cut and thin stretch top and a short stretch skirt. I could tell she wore no bra because I could clearly see her nipples poking against the material. They seemed perkier now that she had been playing with my cock.

I wanted to grab her tits and play with them so that she would be as aroused as I was. I wanted to kiss her soft mouth, and I was so turned on. It was very difficult to concentrate on selecting and cropping photos, but I knew that this had to be a test, and I wanted the extra income from this gig. Joanne let go of my cock.

“That’s very good Randy.” She laughed. “I commend your powers of concentration. Your predecessor was unable to focus on his work. He allowed his cock to distract him.”

“Thank you, Miss.” However, I was very distracted and wanted nothing more that to grab my dick and crank out a load.

Roxanne returned, with assorted sandwiches and cold drinks for our lunch break. Joanne whispered something in her ear. Roxanne smiled and seemed pleased. Perhaps Joanne had reported that I was behaving in true CFNM fashion and being obedient.

I sat at my desk enjoying my lunch. I felt both their eyes on my crotch. They were whispering to each other and I couldn’t help but wonder what was in store for me. The pills were keeping me semi to fully hard, especially when I felt them staring at me.

After we all finished lunch Roxanne and Joanne called me over to the shipping desk. As I was serving in a somewhat submissive role my instinct was to cover my nakedness with my hands.

Roxanne spoke first. “Randy, you have not been given permission to cover your penis.”

“Yes Miss, I am sorry Miss.”

“Your cock is rather freakishly large.”

Joanne chimed in. “Perhaps because it is freakishly samsun escort large it causes him embarrassment. And he is a messy boy. He seems to leak a lot of pre-cum.”

They were treating me as though I were not there, or as though just my cock was there.

“That may be, but it is a good size to serve some of our purposes.”

“I want to check the slipperiness of that lube” said Joanne. With that she took my cock in her hand and began stroking. “Not bad, bit I think for extended periods more would need to be applied.”

Roxanne put her hand on my shaft as well so that they were both stroking me. “I see what you mean. It is still a bit slick, but more would be needed.”

It was making me crazy horny, but I knew that I could not show my pleasure; my tool was just that, a tool for them to use.

“Joanne,” said Roxanne, “I want to see how that 3-ring cock ring set works. Bring it here please.”

“The instructions say that the largest one goes all the way down the shaft behind the balls, the medium one goes around the ball sack and the smallest one goes at the base of the shaft.”

They were slightly stretchy rubber rings, I was familiar with that kind, but had never worn 3 at once in this fashion. I reached out to take them; thinking that Roxanne wished me to put them on, but she slapped my hand away.

Without saying a word, she and Joanne applied more lube to my cock and ball sack and proceeded to apply the rings. Their touch had made me very hard, so it was no easy task, and almost a bit painful. With a lot of lube and some tugging and adjusting the 3 rings were on. One ring circled by cock and balls, one ring circled just the shaft and the last ring circled my balls. It felt as though a hand was holding me by the cock and balls and squeezing firmly. I was rock hard and dripping pre-cum heavily.

“It feels much harder than it did before.” Joanne said as she stroked my shaft. “These seem effective.”

“Let’s leave them on for a bit and see if it remains that way.” Roxanne said. “But not too long, these things are to be used in moderation. I have some things to do so you are in charge of checking on it. Now Randy, I believe you have layouts to attend to.”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.” I returned to my desk and my task. The rings had enough stretch to allow my cock to go down slightly from a full rock hard state, but they were snug enough to keep me engorged and impressive. Being in this state and knowing Joanne was keeping an eye on my erection was making me wild with lust. I wondered how my ringed cock would feel sliding in and out of her pussy.

Joanne must have been watching VERY closely because every time my cock started becoming a bit flaccid, she would come over to check on me. Her idea of checking on me seemed to be to put more lube on my cock and stroke me back to full hardness. I was being edged and it was maddening. She would then check her watch and go back to her desk to make notes.

This happened several times, it seemed like eternity, I was horny as hell, and I barely noticed that Roxanne had returned.

She called me over to her desk.

“Randy, I understand from Joanne that you have been performing admirably.”

“Thank you Miss.”

“Let me see how those rings are doing.” With that she reached out and stroked my shaft, bringing me to full hardness again. I winced a bit as by now I was starting to develop a case of ‘blue balls’ and really needed to cum.

“That’s good, Randy. My touch is not for the purpose of bringing you pleasure. Your cock is a business tool for me at the moment.”

“Yes Miss, thank you Miss.”

Joanne whispered something in Roxanne’s ear. She produced a ruler and measured my cock. She seemed pleased and took a small digital camera from a drawer. She snapped several pictures of my hard and now throbbing cock from various angles.

“Your penis is much larger than the average male and I can make use of it to display certain products more attractively on my website. I won’t show your face and I will of course compensate you accordingly. Now I think it’s time we removed those rings.”

I started to oblige, but Roxanne slapped my hand away.

“Really Randy, I see I am going to have to do something about this compulsion to touch your cock without permission.”

“I am very sorry Miss.”

She produced a pair of fur lined handcuffs and proceeded to cuff my hands behind my back. Roxanne and Joanne managed to remove the ring from around my ball sack and the one at the base of the shaft, but I was too hard to allow the ring around the cock and balls to be slid off. I needed to cum and lose my hard on.

Joanne spoke up. “I think that in order to remove that last ring Randy is going to have to ejaculate and allow his penis to drain.”

“This is very inconvenient.” Roxanne responded. “What to you propose we do?”

“Well Randy needs to masturbate so that he can shoot his load and then his cock will go down and we can get the last cock ring off.”

Roxanne looked displeased.

“Not yet. There are more toys I want to test.”

She produced a long metal chain with small loops at either end.

“This is a set of adjustable tit clamps. I dislike the more common alligator clamps. These are supposed to be adjustable to allow the wearer to experience the line between pleasure and pain for an extended period.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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