Change of Atmosphere

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I watched the crowd of people filter in and out of the bar. Most were young, successful types trying to squeeze a few quick drinks in between lunch hours and business meetings. I didn’t know what he looked like. Only, his im’s implied he was medium stature and dark hair. The way he wrote suggested he was middle class, educated, and of an Anglo Saxon decent. There was a hint of southern charm in his writings.

A single white rose lay on the table before me. A reminder of who I was and what I was doing in the smoke filled bar. He had wanted to meet in person. Bypass the phone conversations and have a sit down dinner and drink. We decided that noon would be best. It would be safe. Both of us could easily walk away and think no more about what we were doing. We were strangers meeting strangers and staying strangers.

I moved the rose over and finished my second drink. Picking up my purse, I turned to leave thinking this was a waste of time. How pathetic could I be to get stood up by a blind date over the internet? At least, I won’t know what I would be missing. I kept thinking, he had have been a real jerk to leave me hanging.

As I had begun to fish tip money out of my wallet, the chair beside me was being pulled out from under the table. “Einpets?” The dark figure inquired.

Huffing, I looked over the rim of my glasses, “You must be ‘Guy.'” He nodded his head slowly. “You are late.”

“I was nervous.” He motioned for me to sit back down and ordered a pale ale. “I didn’t know what to say. So, I watched. You seemed mardin escort nice enough. I just didn’t know how to begin. So, when you started to leave, I figured this was my last chance to at least see how things go.”

We sat for a few hours talking about life, hobbies and other people. Noon had turned into early evening when we decided to change atmospheres. Exiting the bar, I had become frustrated. My car had been blocked in. Shrugging his shoulders he suggested that I ride with him; we catch a little dinner and then a movie. The suggestion sounded innocent enough. Placing his hand on the small of my back, he guided me to his crisp but older 80’s Ford F-150 with bench seats.

Climbing into the cab, I had noticed the only place to sit would be right next to him. The passenger side was taken up with milk crates of magazines. “So, what are ya, a journalist?”

“Not quite, call it research.” The research made it snug in the cab as he crawled through the hairy city traffic. My tight black skirt began to ride up my thighs and I tried to get comfortable. I saw his throat constrict as the hem of my skirt slid a little further.

Laughing inside, I became thrilled with the idea that he might like what I had to offer. Rearing my shoulders back just enough to tighten the buttons on my blouse, I deftly undid the top three buttons exposing my cleavage and a hint of my black lacey bra. Watching him maneuver through traffic, I let my hands fall to my thighs; slightly bumping into van escort his leg. Crossing my legs, the skirt rode up further exposing my black lacey panties. He stretched his hand behind me as we made our way to the strip with the nice restaurants.

“So, which one do you want?” he asked pointing to a line of eateries.

I chose a quiet Italian restaurant where we would have to sit in a booth under low lights. Seeing him glance at my breast made me wet. I decided to move a little faster. I pulled my skirt up to my crotch and undid another button this time allowing my bra to be seen by anyone caring to look.

I placed my hand on his leg and began to travel upwards to his hardening cock. His hand slipped behind my neck and down onto my chest. His fingers slowly entered inside my blouse as he pushed the black strap off my shoulder. Feeling his hardness in my hands, I began to massage him. His breathing became heavy. When our food arrived, I unhooked my bra, slid it off my shoulders and out of my sleeve. His face was of utter shock when I laid it in his lap and began to take my panties off.

Ignoring his food, he placed a hand between my legs and separated my wetness. He slipped a finger inside while massaging the mound just above my clit. I could feel my wetness spewing over to my thighs. Leaning over as though he was going whisper in my ear, he pushed my shirt away and began to kiss my breast. “Let’s get the food to go, I need a change of atmosphere.

Correcting my clothes, ankara escort he signaled for the check and led me back to the parking lot. Opening the cab of his truck, I thought I might have gone too far. He threw me against the truck. His mouth struck mine as he kissed me hard, suckled my breast and kneaded my wetness in his hand. Unzipping his pants, I kneeled and began to take his hard cock into my mouth. Fucking it with my tongue and then teasing the tip.

“Enough,” He roared. He leaned me over the driver seat of the cab, hiked my skirt up and began to fuck me hard. Each pound drove me crazy as I moaned louder and louder.

“That’s it, cum for me. I want you to cum first.”

Orgasiming, I thrusted my hips into him making him pound me deep. Laughing, he stopped. Turned me around and pushed me to my knees. I kneaded his balls as he fucked my mouth. The taste of my juices on his hard cock drove me wild. I took one hand and began rubbing my cunt as I rubbed his balls. Licking, slobbering, sucking, I kept up with his pace. I felt his penis throb as the first shot of salty cum hit the back of my throat, not wanting to stop I swallowed and continued as the next wave of thick juicy cum entered the back of my throat. Swallowing, I looked at his cock it was still hard. I raised my self up and straddled his hardness while he sat behind the wheel. I rode him until he limped out on me. Then I sucked him hard again and rode him some more.

By the time, I was through the parking lot was full. Someone had to have seen my bare chest smacking into his face or my wet pussy being driven hard. Just the thought of spectators made me wet again. He looked at my face and said, “Let’s move into another atmosphere.” Just to show me the type of atmosphere he was meaning, he slipped a finger into my ass. I knew then, I wanted him to fuck me more.

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