(COMM) Andi Meets Ezio

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“How do I keep finding myself in these situations?!”

Andi shouted to themselves as they ran through the cluttered forest, trees at every turn, almost feeling like a maze. But, they could take no time to try and navigate. All she could do was run and run fast.

She looked back and saw the trio of giant wasps chasing her. Their bulging, dark eyes and oozing green saliva sent chills down her spine. She had never seen anything like it. In fact, she couldn’t remember seeing any sort of monster that wasn’t in a fairytale book read to her.

Honestly, she couldn’t even remember how she found herself here. This all started with wanting to explore the world of Sorenson. After being cooped up in their small, secluded town, she wanted something new. Something exciting for both her and her girlfriend, Mari. To travel the world together and get into fun adventures on the way.

But, it seemed that the adventure that they both sought had planted them in a not-so-fun position. Now, Andi was running for her life. She had been separated from Mari, putting more strain on her heart. All she could think about was if Mari was okay. Also that she needed to find her. Though she wouldn’t be finding anyone if these monstrous wasps kept attempting to take her life.

“Okay, okay, okay!” she talked to herself, “Can’t keep running forever, I’ve gotta fight these things!” She gripped the staff she had been running with tightly. It was something she took with her on every journey for cases such as this. Although, Andi would be lying if she said she actually thought something like this would happen.

The thin woman had never been in a fight in her life. Her mouth usually did the fighting for her. Unfortunately, her mouth usually couldn’t win the fight. She had hoped her actions would win her this one.

“Alright! C’mon you sons of bitches!” Andi exclaimed. She planted her feet into the crinkly leaves around her, turning her body as she wound up her staff. The Giant wasps continued their path, seeing blood in the water as their prey was just in reach. However, one had come a bit too far, and in direct way of Andi’s staff coming down on their head with a sickening thud.

The blow had all Andi could muster in strength, and it didn’t disappoint. The wasp was disoriented, buzzing in place as they tried to regain their composure. But, Andi had other things in mind. Now she was the one smelling blood in the water. She repositioned her hands on the staff, holding it like a baseball bat. Without a second thought, she swung the staff vertically and connected with the wasp’s face. Sending it hurling into a tree.

“Yea! Take that you-” Andi began to say as her cockiness was getting the better of her. However, one stinger far too close to her face was able to plant her back in reality. She jumped backwards, falling onto her butt as she’d rather that than to be impaled. The wasp though was persistent as it was menacing. It lunged after the brunette-haired woman. She thought fast, using her staff to divert the attack and stick the giant wasp’s stinger firmly into the ground. Admittedly, it was more luck and instinct than skill.

She quickly got to her feet. Her legs became jelly-like as her breathing became erratic. The closer the wasps got, the more terrified she became. Who was she kidding? She wasn’t much of a fighter! She had started learning before she decided to leave her home, then picked up on some techniques during her journey. Though this was completely different than any training she had been put through.

“Get back!” she screamed at the monsters, but they didn’t care what she had to say. All they saw was a fresh meal ahead. She swung her staff to deter them, but that only slowed them down for so long. “I said get back!”

What was she to do? Run again? Her shaky legs would surely lead to her tripping and falling to her inevitable doom. Fight them again? She wasn’t skilled enough to take one down, let alone three! If she had Mari, maybe she would have a chance. She was even less of a fighter than Andi. But, at least they would have better numbers compared to her being one against the world.

As she was lost in what to do, the wasps had begun to get impatient. Their buzzing became louder, and their movement became more aggressive. It wasn’t long until they were going to attack her. She had to think of something! But, her mind was cluttered with a sea of ideas. She was overwhelmed, unable to focus on one thing. And soon, it was too late, they had launched themselves in an attack. In Andi’s mind, she was done for. She dropped her staff and put her hands up; closing her eyes and looking away as her screams filled the chirping forest.

Though as she waited for a few seconds, she realized that she was still in one peace. How? She was sure she was going to be the wasp’s dinner. After shaking up the courage, she opened one of her eyes and looked back at the giant wasps. To her confusion, they were just hovering in front of her. They were still, their heads tilting every which way as their eyes kept sinop seks hikayeleri locked on Andi.

“What the…?” The green-eyed woman’s voice trailed off. She took one step, ready to run if they even looked as though they were going to attack again. But, they did nothing. Andi couldn’t make out what was going on. She waved her hand in front of them, but there was no reaction. It was as if she wasn’t there. She had all but disappeared in the eyes of the gluttonous carnivores. And, she believed she knew why.

At first, she hadn’t noticed anything. Though she quickly saw something strange appearing when she waved her hand. There were tiny, colorful sparkles floating around her. In fact, her entire body had these strange sparkles around it. Her mind had wandered again. Could the wasps have casted some sort of spell on them? It wasn’t out of the ordinary for monsters to know and use magic. But for a giant wasp to? That’s just overpowered!

“Move it, already!” Before Andi could ponder more on the terrifying idea of a monster having magic, they heard a strange voice. It was high pitched, and it sounded like it was coming from above. She looked up, squinting as the bright sun cut through the tall trees’ leaves. That was when she saw something sitting on the branches. The novice strained her eyes to make the figure out. They were fairly small, a few inches above five feet. Their purple skin brightly gleamed off of the shiny sun.

However, all she could notice was the person’s hands. They were out, pointed at Andi, with those same sparkles around them. Could they be the ones masking her? What were they?

“Stop staring and get to cover!” the person yelled at her once again, to which she was startled out of her trance. Her eyes darted around for any sort of cover. It took her considerably longer than it should have to figure out to hide behind one of the many tall trees behind her. She sprinted to the nearest one and hid behind it, giving a thumbs up to the tree dweller.

“Silly human…” the one in the tree mumbled to themselves, with Andi noticing an animated eyeroll. “Now, Ezzy!”

Soon, another being dropped from the trees and landed a few feet from the giant wasps. It startled Andi, wondering if they were actually here to help or not. She glanced over to the man who had landed. He had a muscular build with dark chocolate skin. Long, dark dreadlocks with some up in a ponytail and others laid down. A goatee and eyes about as bright as the evening sun.

His eyes were what she focused on, though. She knew she had recognized them. She read them in her books. That a person’s eyes were a window to their soul and could show the amount of magic someone wields.

“Lord Rezaldin, Fiery God who keeps my heart inflamed…” the man chanted to himself. Andi watched on in awe. She could see the tips of his fingers turning a bright orange, almost as if they were heating up. Was this some sort of prayer? “Bless thou with your unwavering fire so I may smite down our enemies.”

There was a bright flicker in his eyes. Soon, he sent his arms forward with his fingers spread apart. His entire hand was being engulfed in the overwhelming glow. In a split second, two fiery dragons burst from the man’s hands with a raging roar. Their eyes were locked on two of the giant wasps, lunging forward and impaling them with their blazing bodies. In an instant, the two had disintegrated into ash.

The dragons flew up, intertwining together as they turned in the air and begin pillaring down on the last wasp. Drilling down on it from the top of its head and destroying it from the inside. As the wasp’s body evaporated, so too did the dragons.

“Hmph, show off!” the one in the trees stated, climbing down to join the man on the ground. The mage smiled, high-fiving his small purple friend and even petting their hair. All while Andi stood crouched, extremely befuddled at what she just saw. Did she really just see that? A couple of dragons just shot from this guy’s fingertips! Andi was gushing inward as she had never seen such a feat.

After praising themselves, they both walked over to Andi. “Hey, are you-“

“Oh, my Soren! You’re a Deity Mage!” Andi jumped up to say as the man let out a chuckle. “Indeed I am. Ezio Agni, at your service.”

“Or Ezzy! As I like to call ’em!” the purple one jumped onto Ezio’s back and nibbled his ear. He chuckled, “Hey! Easy with the teeth there, little one.”

“This is my pet fae and own pestering love, Zazi.” Ezio introduced, to which they waved happily. This was so much for Andi to take in. She had never even come close to meeting a Deity Mage or a fae. Hell, she couldn’t even believe she was meeting one now. She had so many questions she was just begging to spew at them. But, her intrigue had to take a backseat to her worry.

“Oh Gods, Mari!” she fretted, rushing over and clinging to Ezio tightly. “My girlfriend! I need to find my girlfriend! We got separated and I don’t know where she is! She could be in danger or hurt! We need to go find her! We need to do it now!”

Andi babbled; her speech was pressured as the mere thought of Mari being hurt sent anxiety through her veins. Mari was the light of her life. They had been together for so long, and she couldn’t imagine a life without her.

Ezio placed his hands on her shoulders and shushed her gently. “Hey, simmer down.” He cooed, “We will find her, I promise you that. But first, let’s get you to safety. There’s a town not too far from here, okay?”

His voice was warm and assuring. Andi believed every word he was saying, though the anxiety still remained. After all, did she really need to doubt him? Did she have any choice? It was either be on her own, or stick with the mage and his magical fae pet. She’d rather choose the latter.

“Okay…” Andi said, with dread still painted on their face. Zazi jumped off their master’s back and skipped in front of the sulking woman. “Don’t worry, miss! We’ll help you find your love for ya!” the fae tried to chipper them up. It worked only slightly, getting a forced smile out of the bright-eyed woman. However, as they started to walk through the forest, her mind bolted back to Mari.

Mari wasn’t like Andi. She was more the intelligent one, less violent one. Any form of confrontation would make Mari retreat into themselves. She didn’t even have a weapon with her. Something, in hindsight, should not have been the case. Andi mentally beat herself about that for minutes on end on the walk. What if the wasps had gotten her? What if she somehow got away but fell down a hole? There were so many different things that could have happened to her that she just didn’t know. The ignorance of what had come of her love had created a sickening pit in her stomach.

“This isn’t right…” Andi whispered under her breath, trailing behind Ezio and Zazi. The fae kept on walking but Ezio turned back towards the troubled young lady. “What’s not?”

Andi stopped in her tracks, balling her fist up. “Mari is out there, probably scared out of her mind, and I’m going back to some random town! I should be out there looking for her!”

Ezio’s mouth slanted as they heard the raw emotion pouring out of her. He couldn’t just push aside her worries like a minor complaint. If he was in her shoes, he’d be just as worried or more.

“I know you’re worried about her. But, you going after her will do you no good. You may end up getting yourself hurt in the process. Trust us to handle this. I give you my word that I will return your love to you.” Ezio guaranteed her. Andi appreciated his care and priority, but that didn’t subside her worry. In fact, it added a bit of spite to her emotional pool.

“I can handle myself; you know!” Andi stomped their feet like a child having a tantrum. If there was one thing Andi didn’t enjoy, it was feeling as though they couldn’t do things on their own. That she had to be taken care of. When, to her, that was anything but the case! Sure, a few wasps got the drop on her. But, she would have figured it out! Just like she was confident that she could figure out how to find Mari on her own. Even if that confidence had to be stretched.

“Hmph, you could have fooled me.” Zazi slighted under their breath with a giggle. Andi pouted, “And what’s that supposed to mean?!”

Zazi then spun around seamlessly, walking backwards in order to chat with Andi. “Not to toot our horns, but you were preeeetty screwed until we came and saved your butt! Best to let the pros handle this!”

“Alright Zazi, that’s enough.” Ezio tried to end the conversation, but Andi wouldn’t drop the subject. The woman was as persistent as she was stubborn. “Oh, you think you’re just invincible! News flash, you’re not! You’re both not! I’ve read about you Deity Mages! You may be super strong, but you also have your fair share of weaknesses!”

“Oh, is that so?” Ezio asked, now catching his intrigue. And the woman wasn’t about to hold anything back. Andi was known for her mouth getting the best of her. “Yes, so! For instance, in the Church of Ice Lord Heims, they teach you to fear humidity more than fire mages as that’s a more common factor!”

Andi smiled as she stood tall from what she said. Showing off her knowledge to the very beings, even if it wasn’t his specific worship, made her feel she was deserving of praise. Although, she was only met with laughter by the Deity Mage. Her confidence faded as fast as it came. Even Zazi giggled at the long-haired woman’s expense.

“Ah, hear that, little one? We have ourselves a book nerd here.” Ezio insulted with a chuckle. Andi’s eyes widened; her once pale face had now been sporting a flushed pink hue.

“I am not a nerd!” Andi stomped again, but it only got more laughs. The continuous laughter was incredibly patronizing, and angering to her. “Aww, and now you’re being a cute nerd.” The mage sent another poke to the bear, who had now been diminished to a small cub. Her face resembled a ripe tomato. If smoke could be seen, it would be coming out of her ears right now. This felt all too familiar to her being back home with her bullies demeaning her. She wasn’t about to take this from the two who were supposed to be her saving graces.

“You know what? Screw this!” Andi exclaimed, stopping on the way. “I don’t need this! I’m going to look for her myself!” With the emphatic statement, she dramatically turned around and tried to walk away. However, Andi knew that walking away wasn’t going to be that easy. And she was right.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Ezio questioned, with a hint of scheming in it. Soon, the back waistband of Andi’s pants was grabbed, and she was pulled back toward the mage. She squeaked as she was pulled back. She was surprised at the amount of strength that one yank had. The girl knew that wasn’t his full strength. Could he really be stronger than that? Just the thought of that, and where his hand was, had the poor girl squirming in place.

“W-what?! Let go of me!” Andi demanded as her voice seemed to go up a pitch. Ezio had other plans, however. It was like something had sparked in his eyes the more and more Andi ran her mouth. She was someone to help, and that was paramount, but she was also someone to have some fun with. Even if the fun he had in mind was coming out of her expense.

“I think someone needs a quick lesson in manners.” The mage sadistic nature started to sneak its way out. His chilling tone had Andi frozen, almost awaiting what was in store for her. In one quick motion, Ezio reached his hand into the back of her pants. He clenched tightly onto the waistband of her rainbow panties. It didn’t take long for her to recognize what was about to happen to her.

“Wait wait wait! Can’t we talk about thi- EEEPPP!”

She tried to plead with the man, but he was no longer listening. If he had beenn listening to begin with. With his grip tight, he pulled her underwear upward in a sudden motion. Andi’s shriek made many of the birds around fly off. The force of his quick tug sent the long-haired woman on the tips of her toes.

“GAHH! Let go! Let go!” she whined, clawing from behind to pry Ezio’s grasp on her colorful panties. But, the more she tried, the more the mage pulled on them. Her underwear was now her worst enemy, digging into her privates and bottom with a wretched burn.

“I’m hearing a lot of complaining, but not a lot of apologizing.” Ezio said with a sinister snarl, giving the woman’s underwear another jerk. Another screech left Andi’s mouth, her hands going straight to her crotch. He had so much power in just one hand. The fire mage almost had her off of the ground.

“Apologize for what?!” she asked with vinegar. In her eyes, she had nothing to apologize for. It was his brash pet’s fault that she became as frustrated as she did! They should be the one in this position, not her.

“Isn’t it obvious?” the man questioned, glimpsing down at her pale cheeks as her pulled-up undies had given it a tight perkiness. “Being so rude to the ones who saved you not too long ago. I think the least we deserve is an apology.”

“Screw you!” Andi snapped back at one more show of defiance. Andi wasn’t going to allow them to get the satisfaction of an apology. However, her mouth had cashed checks that she now had to pay for.

“Well, if that’s how it’s going to be.” Ezio chimed, feeling as though she had sealed her fate. So, now she earned her punishment. He brought his other hand down and took a firm grip next to the one he had on it. He knelt down, giving her a short reprise from the searing pain. And short it was. Soon, Ezio had used his strength and gave the girl’s already stretched underwear a fierce tug upwards. The force was so powerful that it lifted her off of her feet. Her panties made a strained tearing sound as it was yanked deep into Andi’s crotch and ass.

“EEK-!” Was the only sound she could manage as her body was lifted off of the ground. The burning had become a constant in her lower regions. She struggled, kicking and punching in order to be free of her humiliating torment. However, her quick movements had only caused her more pain and discomfort.

“Aww, you make such cute noises.” Ezio teased her, adding more fuel to her embarrassed fire. “Think of this as your own transportation to town! You’re welcome! Though, it’ll be a bit of a bumpy ride.”

With a second hesitation, the man walked forward. Each step felt like a stomp to Andi. She bounced in stride, only exasperating the burning pain she felt. She could hear his pet break out in a giggle fit. She tried to shout at them, but her underwear constantly jerking into her only caused her to let out more squeaks and whimpers. She was at the complete mercy of Ezio and Zazi.

Andi covered her face, though none had been out here to look at her mortifying position. Though, it felt like anything with a pair of eyes was passing judgment on her. Every bug, bird, or animal that had been watching them walk through their forest. All of them had sentience in her mind. Shouting different demeaning insults at her. It felt like with each step Ezio took, it was another creature calling her a name. Nerd. Dork. Little baby. Each one just adding to her flustered expression.

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