Evil Bitch Ch. 14

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Jon finishes his story about his time collecting the Library Stones. Below is a brief explanation of them and how they relate to technomagic.

Viridian Mind Stone: Represents the direction of East, the element of Air or the powers of the Mind

Fire Stone: Represents the direction of South and the element of Fire or the powers of Energy

Chronarch’s Sapphire: Represents the direction of West and the element of Water or the powers of Time

Pharaoh’s Pyramid: Represents the direction of North or the element of Earth or the power over Matter

Aessence Stone: Represents the direction of Heaven or Above or the element of Souls or Life

Qual Amethyst: Represents the direction of Below or the element of Space or Dimensions

I hope that clears things up a little. Jon was sent to collect them by Nyarlathotep for reasons yet to be revealed.

I hope you enjoy this installment.



Wind Sword Manor:

Mom had spent the entire time I told her about the Blind and Vana licking my cock perfectly clean. I was bordering on a painful erection at this point. She shifted positions now and knelt between my legs. She trapped my cock between her soft but firm tits. Now Mom was slowly tit fucking me as she looked up at me with a hungry smile.

“So I take it,” she said as she licked the head of my cock when it popped out from between her tits. “…the plan was to save two girls and not just one.”

“MMMMMMMMMM that was the plan… damn Mom you do suck a mean cock.”

“That’s because all the nice cocks are boring,” she moaned.

“I take it that tight little pussy of yours feels the same way.”

“You better believe it. But no pussy for you, until you shoot cum all over me,” she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am whatever you say.”

“Now what happened after you left with the girls?”

The Blind:

Crypt of the Solar Titans:

The three of us made our way up the hill. It looked like it was going to take a little bit so I decided a little small talk couldn’t hurt.

“I like your tail,” I told the girl on my left.

“Of course you do,” she said coolly.

“Wow… okay,” I said turning my attention to the gal on my right.

“You aren’t J’Nai, are you related to them,” I asked tentatively.

“As a matter of fact my people are,” she said with a smile. “We share a common ancestor but living conditions on two worlds created two distinctly different races.”

“That’s interesting,” I said and looked over at the other girl who had long ago let go of my arm and was walking by herself. “Did I do or say something to upset you?”

“No Master,” she replied bitterly. “You did nothing, however the universe as a whole seems to have shit on my entire species.”

“Okay I won’t bother you again,” I told her and turned back to the blonde. “…So you share a common ancestor.”

“Yes, my people settled on an idyllic world and cultivated a society of scientists, poets and dreamers. While the J’Nai, in order to survive their hostile environment, became what they are brutal savage killers.”

“Interesting twin gods and sibling races,” I said to her.

“Indeed,” she agreed. “The J’Nai are the children of Quin as we are the scions of Sar.”

“I take it Sar is not a blood thirsty deity?”

“Not at all,” she said. “She is the goddess of poetry, dance and inspiration.”

“So in a combat situation the J’Nai would wipe the floor with your people.”

“You might think that but the monks of Sar are quite gifted hand to hand fighters.”

“So you would argue that finesse trumps brute force.”

“An elegant way of stating my side of things, yes finesse trumps force.”

I glanced over at the other girl and saw that she was looking pissy again. I knew that I had promised to leave her be but damn it the air needed to be cleared. We were nearing the next level of this terraced city. So when we were able to access it I led us to the left and found a nice spot to sit down.

“Sit both of you,” I ordered. When they were both seated I turned to the blonde and touched her mind. “Sleep and forget,” I said and she fell backwards quite comatose. Then I turned to other girl. “Okay sweet cheeks what is your fucking malfunction?”

“Why do you care? I mean all I am to you is a body slave and a whore.”

“Scan me,” I told her. “I can feel you are a gifted telepath. Take a look in here and tell me what you find.”

She closed her eyes and I could feel her brush against my surface thoughts. Then suddenly she was diving deep and seeing things few people knew about me. Then I was once more alone in my mind.

“You wanted to save someone,” she blurted out as tears fell.

“Yeah so can we lose the attitude and talk about what is really bothering you?”

“I guess it is all about learning that everything my mother ever told me was a lie,” she said as the tears continued to trickle down her face.

“What sort of lie?”

“She told me from the time I was very young until I attended the Coda that I was special. She said that our people were special.”

“What beylikdüzü escort makes you think that you or your people aren’t special?”

“We are the end result of a long term science project and nothing more!”

“I don’t understand,” I told her taking her hand and gently stroking it.

“My people were created in a lab. We are just piecemeal genetics from hundreds of other races. Do you know how that feels,” she asked.

“Wait a minute,” I said. “You are telling me that someone travelled across the galaxy collecting the best of other species. Then they spent god only knows how long working diligently to blend them into the gorgeous woman before me. You think that is plain or ordinary?”

Suddenly what I said hit her and stopped crying. She wiped away the tears and began to view things from a more logical mindset instead of an emotional one. I could see the gears turning and a smile slowly spread across her lips.

It was then that I took the time to really take in her beauty. The first thing that caught my eye was her unusual hair. It was long, straight and raven black at the roots. But by the time it reached the ends there was no color to it at all. In fact the hair became completely transparent and appeared made out of glass fibers. I slid my fingers into it and found it to be the softest hair I had ever touched in my life.

Then I noticed the two tentacle-like tails that emerged from beneath her hair and lay behind and beneath each ear. They were thin, smooth and tapered to a very fine end. When I lightly ran my thumb across one the effect was not unpleasant for her. Her eyes actually fluttered a bit when I did that. When I started to do it again she stopped me.

“MMMMMMMM please they are very sensitive,” she purred.

“Do they serve a purpose besides a sensual one?”

“Yes,” she said and paused. “They allow us to echolocate.”

“Amazing,” I said and she smiled again.

“Here,” she said taking my hand and laying it against her neck. “Feel that?”

“Yeah it is like subtle ridges.”

“Those are my gills; we were designed for nearly any environment.”

I pulled open the top of my robe and tapped my chest. She leaned in and listened. Then I tapped the other side. She moved her head and giggled.

“You have two hearts, that is wonderful,” she said.

Suddenly we were comparing genetic traits the way bikers compare tattoos. Soon we were both laughing and her mood was much improved.

“I have been looking at this the wrong way haven’t I?”

“Yeah, someone perhaps many some ones put a lifetime of love and dedication into the birth of your race.”

“My mother was right, we are special.”

“So what is this Coda thing that you attended?”

“It is a kind of academy that selects the best students and polishes them until they shine.”

“Sounds pretty damn prestigious to me,” I said.

“Oh it is, only the top one percent get in. They hone physical, mental and emotional skills until we are ready to go out and represent our race.”

“So what sort of work were you chosen to do?”

“I was to be a bodyguard, assassin or courtesan, but I hadn’t decided which yet.”

“So what happened?”

“Mutt,” slurred the drowsy Sarithi as she began to wake up.

“That happened,” the other said. “Wherever I went I was greeted with that vile word.”

“How despicable,” I said turning to look at the blonde as she sat up. “You are no better than the J’Nai.”

“We are no worse either; at least we were conceived naturally.”

“You are both artificial,” I said. “You and the J’Nai were sent out as an experiment nothing more. I am sure your parent race views you as imperfect branches on the family tree.”

“Take that back or…”

She never finished as the other gal struck her with a wicked back fist robbing her of consciousness.

“HMMMM I guess bodyguard it is,” she mused.

“So that I don’t have to call you ‘hey you’ all the time…”

“…I am Illiria of the N’Dostii,” she proudly introduced herself.

I sounded out her name and race slowly to get it right.

“Il-LEER-ee-uh of the Nuh-DOSE-tie, is that correct?”

“The pronunciation is correct but you sound like you are brain damaged when you say it.”

“Jeez I was just trying to get it right,” I said laughing. “Brain damaged… really?”

“No, but if she ever says mutt in front of me again she will be.”

“I’ll handle it,” I told her.

I stood up and tossed the unconscious Sarithi over my shoulder. Illiria and I finished our jaunt up to the crypt in blissful silence. The structure was even more impressive up close. It had to be at least a thousand feet in height and a full city block square at the base. The exterior of the thing was covered in windows. But not in the conventional way by any means. Near ground level the windows were narrow high and arched. The level above that was scenic stain glass murals depicting gods, demons and horrors best left to the dark twisted dreaming of the insane. Each level above that was yet another style of glass and art bolu escort to dazzle the eye. This wasn’t just a crypt it was a celebration of light, the sun and myriad cultures from a thousand scattered worlds.

My burden was beginning to wiggle as she woke up. I gave her a good slap on the ass to quiet her as I set her down on her feet. The bruise on the side of her head was darkening nicely. Once she was on her feet she spun around to face us and boy was she pissed.

“Who hit me,” she asked ready to exact revenge.

“It doesn’t matter,” I told her.

Just as she was about to reply, we all heard the movement from behind one of the many massive pillars on the ground level. Suddenly she was behind me and the figure revealed itself. He was at least twenty feet tall as he drew himself fully erect. My first thought was some kind of crazy centaur but there was nothing equine about the thing at all. The lower half reminded me of a six legged dragon with its clawed feet and armored scales. The upper half was humanoid enough until you got to the face and its distinct blend of reptile, dragon and man. The torso also had scales but these were smaller and more iridescent like a fish or other aquatic. The entire color scheme was deep blues, greens and gold.

“What are you doing here,” it asked in a deep booming voice.

“I was told to come here by Vana,” I replied.

“Then you are most welcome Sublime Master to the Crypt of the Solar Titans,” he said with a bow.

“It is an amazing structure; pity the lighting is so poor.”

“Pity indeed,” the thing said. “Once it shone with the glory of ten thousand suns. Now it is a dim mockery of its former splendor.”

“I take it you are this place’s guardian?”

“I was but no longer. My duty is done and now that you are here I will depart.”

“You shouldn’t leave empty handed,” I said as I spun and scooped the Sarithi into my arms. “Here a parting gift from the Sublime Master for a job well done.”

He took her squirming form into his arms and looked her over.

“She is attractive enough but a little petite than most of my lovers.”

“Oh she is plenty fierce and sturdy I promise.”

“I like the fiery ones,” he said with a smile. “The louder the better is my rule of thumb.”

“Oh trust me she’ll be plenty loud.”

“Farewell Sublime Master,” he said and lumbered away down the hill with the Sarithi flung over his shoulder still kicking and wiggling.

I began to laugh as I watched their departure but Illiria was not so amused. She had her arms crossed under her ample breasts and was glaring at me.

“Jon Masters, is that any way to treat a lady?”

“Are we talking about the same woman here,” I replied.

“I was trying to find something your mother would say. And no she deserves whatever the big brute gives her.”

“Well at least one of them will be happy. Besides I couldn’t possibly keep her around. She was a liability to everyone’s safety, especially mine.”

“I will wait out here. The invitation was for you after all.”

“I don’t know how long this will take.”

“Eh don’t fret Jon I can take care of myself.”

“I don’t doubt that for a single moment.”

The interior of the crypt was a series of concentric circular walls. Each set about one hundred feet apart like those Russian nesting dolls. After the fourth open doorway I found that I had entered the center of this level. There was barely enough light filtering inside to allow the low light option on the contact lenses to function. I didn’t want to grope around remembering what Vana’s true form looked like. But I didn’t have long to wait after entering the chamber for her and her brothers to make their appearance. There were seven of them in total. Her six brothers opted for their insect form while Vana graced me with that stunning young woman I had seen earlier.

“Our Mother sends greetings Jon Masters,” Vana said.

“Who exactly is your mother?”

“Are you not familiar with the Weaver?”

“That explains much,” I said.

“I am glad that clarifies things for you Jon,” she said in an almost intimate tone. “My Mother has an offer to make to you.”

“Is She here,” I asked trying to pierce the layers of darkness around me.

“No She is otherwise occupied. But has sent us as Her emissaries,” Vana explained.

“Ah, so what can little old me do for the Great and Powerful Weaver,” I said with the utmost respect.

“She wants you to work for Her,” Vana said with a smile.

“In what capacity exactly,” I asked.

“Mother needs a new Keeper of Secrets,” she said.

“Oh is that all,” I replied. “What is a keeper do?”

“Why you collect and keep secrets silly man.”

“It is a great honor She offers me,” I said and saw the fine line I was walking. “I will accept of course.”

You don’t turn down a being as old or as powerful as the Weaver, ever.

“I told you he was as wise as he was perceptive,” Vana said to her brothers.

There came from them a sound like nails on a chalkboard and I assumed they were speaking.

“My bursa escort brothers want to know when you can begin working,” Vana asked.

“I have two more stones to acquire, prior commitment and all that.”

“Mother understands, so once those stones are gained She will be in touch.”

“Okay, I will leave you to it,” I said and began to turn.

“Jon where are you going,” Vana asked as she settled her hand on my shoulder.

“I thought we were done.”

“Oh no Jon, we are just beginning.”

More sounds came from her brothers and if it was laughter it was the sort that terrified little children and grown men alike.

“What more do you require of me?”

“You need to be prepared as a vessel for Secrets,” she purred in my ear. “You poor mortal mind cannot possibly contain the knowledge you will gather for Her. You need to understand things better.”

I had a flashback to the cave and what Nyarlathotep did to me and I shuddered. But I was way too deep to run now. Trust me that I wanted to run screaming from that place. I turned and was led to the very center of that place. The seven of them formed a circle around me and began to walk counter clockwise.

“Open your mind to us Jon,” Vana crooned. “Drop all of your defenses and let Her in.”

I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I lowered every mental shield that I could. Better that than what I felt might happen if I didn’t. It began like a light whisper. It felt like a soft gentle breeze flowing through my hair. Then I knew someone else was in my thoughts. It was a dark cold intellect that brushed through my memories like they were nothing more than an inconvenience. Then She was triggering each and every life experience I had ever had. From the very first breath I took as an infant to that terrible sound of the jail cell door closing for the first time. My life was bare and naked before the all seeing eye of the Weaver. But it wasn’t just the memories it was the emotion behind them that came flooding through. I was crying and laughing and climaxing all at the same time. Every dirty little secret was hers to know and She systematically went through them all. By the time She was done there was nothing She didn’t know and I was raw from the experience. I felt like my skin was made of glass. A simple touch would shatter me and leave me broken on the floor of the crypt.

Then I felt Her power flow into me. It too started off small like a light spring rain. But all too soon it became a torrent with hurricane force winds. I think I was screaming at the end as more and more of her energy became my own. I felt like each and every cell of my body would burst into flames. Then it was over. But it wasn’t done with me not entirely. I stood in a dark place that vibrated with the sounds from ten thousand worlds. Each precise note meant something profound. The birth of a new born or the death of millions and it was all the same to Her. Life and death were just a different song for Her to enjoy. I turned to face Her. There like the mother of all nightmares was the Weaver in all Her unbridled horror and glory. She glanced at me with those eyes that seemed to number like the stars in the sky. I was once more naked and defenseless before Her.

“Not so frail now are you Jon Masters,” She said Her voice was like a choir of angels or a den of devils or perhaps both.

“I am what you made of me,” I replied.

“Yes you are and you are beautiful,” She said. “Are you ready?”

“Ready,” I asked. “Am I ready for what?”

“Your fall from grace dear boy,” She chuckled.

Then I was falling. Streaking through time and space and dimensions known and unknown I became a falling star. I screamed as I fell. Even when there was no air to carry my voice I screamed. Just when I thought my sanity would snap and it would never end, it did. With bone crushing force I impacted the stone floor of the crypt. Mask and staff spun off in two different directions as my stomach gave up it contents in violent protest to what I had just witnessed. I heaved so hard blood vessels burst as bile and blood mixed freely on the floor. I fully expected a cartoon like outline of my body on the stones themselves but I was denied that little pleasantry. However the pain from every cell in my body I was given in full measure. I wanted to cry out but could only mutely whimper in agony. I rolled onto my back and looked up into the smiling face of Vana the Weaver Spawn.

“Welcome back Jon how was your trip?”

“Fuck off bitch,” I snarled.

“Tsk… Tsk… must watch that temper of yours,” she said in dire warning.

“Or what you gonna do drop me off a skyscraper… been there done that.”

“I suppose you have, haven’t you.”

I closed my eyes and ignored her. I thought about the Aessence Stone and the emerald light that had healed the Soulless. It was time to see if my healing factor could be given a little kick start. I imagined myself in a green cocoon of pure energy. I filled each breath with its light so that it flooded my body.

‘HEAL,’ I commanded with all my will.

The pain slowly began to fade. I could feel bones knitting back together. I knew that blood vessels and internal organs were repairing themselves. I guess Humpty Dumpty could put himself back together again. When the pain was gone I opened my eyes but the bitch was still there.

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