For Liam, With Love Pt. 03

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Alex Clark

I spent the first week without Liam moping around the house feeling sorry for myself. I spent every night sleeping with Travis, talking long into the morning, not always about Liam. He told me about his experiences in college, the girls and guys he banged, and how much alcohol he consumed. It was comforting having someone curled up with me as I slept, but I was lost without Liam.

Travis convinced me to watch straight porn with him one afternoon, culminating in our masturbating together; him in his bed, me in mine. Sharing a room, we often beat off together, usually in separate beds. Watching hot guys fuck girls wasn’t a complete turn off for me, but the inevitable lesbian scenes were. As long as there was a guy in the mix, I could get off, but when it was just pussy, I shriveled up like a prune. That was concerning for me. What if Liam, who was a lot more comfortable with his having a front hole than I was, wanted me to pleasure him like that all the time now? I wasn’t averse to fucking him, in fact, I enjoyed it, and I wanted to bring him joy anyway he wanted. Still, I was gay, and as a gay guy, I had my own needs. Could he satisfy me the way I knew I could him?

In June, Dad and Frank took us all out to a cabin he and Frank pooled their resources to buy. It needed work, and Dad knew he had plenty of free labor he could rely on. We worked all day every day that week, then went skinny dipping in the lake, before heading in for dinner, which Frank and I almost always grilled. The work was good for me, taking my mind off how much I missed my boyfriend.

After we got back, I resumed my ongoing research on transmen, to better understand what Liam was going through. I spent days watching YouTube videos made by Transmen who talked about their experiences, then googling the words and subjects I didn’t know and needed more information on. I also found some FTM porn on the internet, and watched it with a clinical eye, developing a small crush on Luke Hudson in the process.

The big thing I noticed was when the cis man went down on the transmen, I had a visceral reaction. It wasn’t the same as watching a cis man going down on a cis woman. I had already sucked Liam’s dick and never once thought of the experience as heteronormative. I was pleasing my boyfriend, just as these cis men were pleasing their male partners. When it came down to the cis men fucking the trans men in their front holes- almost always there- what I saw was two men fucking. They were just going about it in a different way. This relaxed me on the possibility of fucking Liam’s front hole again, if he wanted that.

The one thing I knew I wanted was to be fucked by him. I had learned a little about prosthetics, and how they worked. I knew how much Liam loved my big, fat cock, so I bought a cloning kit on-line. When it arrived, and I managed to get some alone time in the house, I set about cloning my cock and balls, bringing up the FTM porn on my computer to keep me bone hard while the mold was being cast. When I had the finished product, I compared it to my actual cock, pleased with the final product, even if it did look a little different than my own junk. I placed it in a box and wrapped it in gold paper to give Liam when he returned in the fall.

In July, Dad gave his employees Independence Day weekend off with pay. My brothers alternated between the pool and tossing a football around while I labored at the grill cooking hamburgers and sausage dogs. I watched as Frank stumbled to catch a clean throw from Travis and ran right into the pool. I was still laughing when Dad came out of the patio doors.

“Hunter,” he called to me, “I have a surprise for you.” He motioned me inside and I followed. There, standing in the kitchen, like an apparition straight out of one of my dreams, yalova escort was Liam. He had let his thin beard grow out, causing him to look scruffy and manly. His shoulders had filled out a little, and his arms looked thicker. I felt my dick stir immediately. “I’ll leave you two alone,” he told me, then, with a whisper, “Go get him.” He winked at me before taking the spatula from my hand, pulling the door closed behind him.

“You’re fucking hot,” I told him, moving slowly toward him, nervousness fluttering in my belly.

“You always look hot,” he smiled.

“I thought you were staying in Alabama for the whole summer.”

“I’m just visiting the folks for the weekend.”

Once we had closed the distance between us, we stood close to each other. He took my hand and I raised the other to stroke the dark red hair on his face. My boyfriend, I thought to myself. My man.

I moved in and kissed him gently on his hairy cheek.

“You can do better than that,” he whispered, turning his head to unite his lips with mine. The kiss was as hot as it was soft and sweet. Our mouths opened and we exchanged tongues, both of us pushing into the other’s mouth in a battle for dominance. He won, but only because I let him. I wanted to be his little bitch right then. I wanted him to bend me over the kitchen counter and fuck me silly, fuck me until I forgot my name. He pulled me into his arms and embraced me, running his hands down my back to give my ass a squeeze. I nearly squealed as I rose to my tip toes when he pulled my crotch into his. There was a bulge in his pants, and it felt big. That was it- my cock sprung to life and pressed against my leg, tenting my shorts out in an attempt to escape.

“What’s this?” I asked, placing my hand on his ample bulge.

“Prosthetic,” he smiled, looking adorably embarrassed.

“Show me,” I smiled eagerly.

Unfastening his fly, he pulled down the elastic of his briefs and wrangled the prosthetic free. I was surprised with how realistic it looked. I ran my finger along the veins, gripped its soft, yet firm shaft.

“Can you fuck with it?”

“Yeah, with the erection tube, I can. And I am. I’m going to fuck you so hard you won’t even think about looking at another man.”

“Oh, you have to fuck me,” I nearly begged, “I need you to fuck me.”

“Only if you fuck me in return,” he smiled mischievously.

“Deal!” I agreed without a second thought.

Dad walked into the kitchen just then, catching me standing there, holding a very realistic looking dick. He gave me a look that I was able to translate easily.

“He’s just showing me his prosthetic,” I told him quickly, “Wanna see? It’s amazing!”

“Uh, no, thank you,” He said looking away, “I’ll leave that sort of thing to you two.” He moved to the refrigerator as Liam tucked his cock back into his pants. “Lunch is about ready. You boys hungry?” I looked at Liam questioningly.

“I could eat,” he shrugged.

“Good, because I’m starving!” I smiled. I seemed to be smiling a lot.

“You’re always starving,” Dad huffed, setting out bowls of potato salad, green salad, and fruit salad to be carried outside.

“Gotta eat to maintain gains,” I laughed, grabbing a bowl and following him out.

Lunch was great. I sat next to Liam, holding his hand or knee, restraining myself from playing with his bulging pants. Truth be told, I was a little jealous of his prosthetic. It hung longer and thicker than my own limp dick. Even if it wouldn’t grow when hard, his bulge was bigger than mine was.

The twins asked a lot of inappropriate questions that I tried to silence, but Liam answered them anyway, educating everyone else who didn’t have the balls to ask questions of their edirne escort own. Sometimes, I answered the questions I knew the answers to, trying to impress Liam with all I had learned. I was always met with Liam’s smile and my family’s look of surprise. If I attacked my school work the way I researched transsexuals, I would have graduated top of my class.

After lunch, we helped clean up, then set off for the day. I told my father I wouldn’t be back until morning and grabbed the gold wrapped box from my closet and the lube from my bathroom. We went to the No Tel Motel and got a room. My ass was twitching with the excitement of finally getting Liam inside me. We stripped out of our clothes urgently and crawled onto the bed.

Liam inserted his erection tube while I lubed my ass, then his ready prosthetic. He lined up his six and a half inch cock with my sphincter and pushed into me. I tensed up with the intrusion and yelped.

“Are you okay?” he asked, holding still, but not pulling out.

“Yeah,” I panted, “It’s just been a while.” I grunted as he pushed into me, then began sliding his cock in and out of me, taking his time, getting used to fucking me. I was happy he did. It gave me plenty of time to adjust to having his thick dick in my ass.

Soon, he was going at it like he had been fucking me for years. He ground his cock to the base, pulled out to the tip slowly, then rammed back into me. I had never been so thoroughly fucked before and was soon leaking enough precum to stroke myself off with.

“Oh, no you don’t!” he commanded, “You don’t get off until I do. You still have to fuck me.”

I was sure I could bust a nut and still fuck him afterward with how he was making me feel. He banged my ass hard, and I clutched the sheets, nearly pulling them off the bed, moaning with pleasure. My prostate was pumping out semen, and I wondered a few times if I was going to cum without touching myself. Little ripples of pleasure flowed through my body as he worked his cock in and out of my tortured ass.

“Oh, god, yes!” I screamed, “Fuck me, dude. Fuck me with that big dick!”

That earned me a little rough treatment. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, slamming his cock into me like he wanted it to hurt. It felt amazing and I moaned even louder, giving myself to him completely. The ripples of pleasure became waves of ecstasy, mounting one on another as a ball of pressure grew inside my gut.

With no orgasm to end Liam’s assault on my ass, he railed me for nearly thirty minutes, fucking me hard until the pressure in my guts broke into an explosion of ecstasy that racked my body and my cock started twitching with the familiar spasms of ejaculation.

“I’m cumming!” I cried, relieved with the sudden and unexpected release. My ass was raw, and I was whimpering beneath him, crying for mercy. He finally had his fill of my ass and pulled out.

“Your turn,” he smiled, pulling the prosthetic off him.

“Okay, get on your knees,” I demanded, planning on fucking his ass just as hard as he had fucked mine.

“I want you to fuck my front hole. I want you to make me cum.”

He lay on his back and I looked down at his small penis, erect and waiting above the entrance to his love tunnel. I lay down on the bed and took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it a while, giving me a chance to recover from my orgasm. I got him all worked up, then rubbed my hardening cock against it, teasing him. Once more I lowered my face between is hairy thighs and licked his hole, pushing my tongue as deep into him as I could, then started flicking it around.

“Write your name,” he told me, “Lay claim to it.”

I did as he told me, drawing my first, middle and last names, then snaked erzurum escort two fingers into him and went back to sucking his dick, something I knew how to do. I pushed my fingers into him and started wiggling them, as he instructed me before. His orgasm came quickly, he called my name, and my fingers felt his hole grow wet. I lowered my head, lapping up his cum as it dribbled from his hole, relishing the taste of his sex.

Satisfied, I positioned myself above him, supporting my weight with one hand, then lined up my cock with his front hole. I pushed the head into him, looking into his eyes, those beautiful green eyes. He broke eye contact briefly when he closed his eyes and moaned softly as my cock head entered the soft warmth of his front hole.

I pushed deeper into the warm, silky tunnel that wrapped around my cock tightly from head to base. Leaning in to kiss him, I pressed my stronger, more muscular chest against his hairy pecs. I could feel his small, erect cock pushing into my pubes and began fucking slowly. Changing my stroke and speed, I watched him intently, learning what he liked.

On a slow long stroke, he came around my cock, wrapping his hairy legs around my waist to pull me in deep and hold me there as his tunnel contracted and spasmed around my throbbing cock. I smiled with pride as he came beneath me once again, his body writhing as he screamed incomprehensible gibberish. As his orgasm died down, I lay on top of him, kissing him deeply, his tongue plunging into my mouth to take dominance over my tongue.

He moaned in my mouth and I rode him deep, grinding my cock into him, lost in our kissing. I quickened my stroke, pulling a little further out before pushing back into him. It was a wonderful feeling being buried inside him, his tight tunnel stroking my cock softy. I knew I needed to step up my game and make him cum again quickly or I was going to bust my nut too soon.

“Fuck me, Hunter!” he ordered, “Fuck me like I fucked you!”

I rose up, supporting myself with my hands on either side of his muscular, hairy chest and fucked him harder, alternating between long strokes that crashed into him and shorter, quicker thrusts. My only goal was to make him cum, trying my best not to do the same until I succeeded. He grabbed my thick arms hard for support, raising his head up to my chest as he moaned and screamed, urging me on.

“Oh, yes!” he cried breathlessly, “Fuck me! Fuuuuck!”

His body spasmed as the walls of his tunnel contracted around my cock once more, becoming wet and slippery. The sensation was too much for me and I buried myself in him, releasing my load to fill his tunnel with the lust he rose in me, giving him all my love had to offer in that moment. I collapsed on top of him, unable to move as my orgasm cascaded over my body. We lay like that for a minute or two before I pulled myself up and slipped my semi-hard cock from his hole. Watching our mixed cum flow out of him.

We cuddled together with him spooning me, holding me in his strong arms, and drifted off to sleep. It was early morning, the world still asleep when we woke. I fucked him again, only in his ass this time, once more breeding my man. After, I remembered my gift and presented him with my cloned dick.

“Oh, wow!” he giggled, “This is going to come in handy while I’m away for the rest of summer. I hope my screams don’t disturb my aunt and uncle.”

He insisted I use it on him, giving me reason to get down and watch up close as I fucked his front hole with it, occasionally sucking his cock as I did, until he came again. Then we checked out and hit an all-night diner for some breakfast before I took him home.

He returned in the autumn, only days before we started college. My father got us an apartment near campus to avoid our having to deal with the rigors of sexual politics in the dorms. I graduated with a Masters In Art and got a good paying entry level job with an advertising agency while Liam continued working on his doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. We plan to marry next Spring, under the old Texas live oak where it all started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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