Her Sister Ch. 03

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All characters in this story are at least 18 years old.

Ch.3: Her Soul

Katie woke up to yellow glow of sunlight streaming through the blinds in her room. Stretching, she hit something next to her and heard a mumble and some rustling. She looked to her right and saw Nikki, laying on her side towards Katie, sleeping deeply. She remembered last night’s events and squealed from excitement. She laid back down, facing her sister and just looked at her beautiful, relaxed face. She wanted to kiss and touch her, but she didn’t want to disturb her sleep.

After a few minutes she realized she needed to pee, so she carefully got up and walked out on tiptoes. She used the bathroom and feeling a little sweaty from last night, she took off her pajamas and hopped into the shower for a quick cleanup. She wanted to smell nice for her sister. Getting out of the shower, she realized she forgot clean clothing in her room, so, wrapped just in a towel, she carefully entered her room to get some clothes.

Walking over to her dresser, she chose a pink t-shirt with a matching pair of knee length pink socks. Then a nice pair of black panties. No need for a bra at home. She thought about wearing her white miniskirt, but while sexy, she thought it might be a bit too bold. She did want to show some skin, but not appear too slutty. Nikki might consider her shallow. So she just chose a pair of worn out denim shorts.

She dropped the towel on the floor and stepped into her panties, stealing occasional looks at Nikki. The warm light felt nice on her naked skin. She took her panties off again and just enjoyed the warmth for a few minutes, alternating between her front and back towards the light. Katie felt beautiful today and wanted to be looked at. She hoped Nikki would wake up and try to steal a look. Since her sister was facing her dresser, all it would take for Nikki is to open her eyes and she would see all of Katie’s body bathed in bright yellow sunlight. To Katie’s disappointment, Nikki still seemed to be in a deep slumber, breathing peacefully and regularly.

She got dressed and went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She prepared two servings of cheese omelet, sliced some bread and poured two glasses of orange juice. She brought the breakfast back to her room, laying it on the table next to her bed, where Nikki was still sleeping. Then she slipped back into the bed and continued looking at her sister.

A few minutes later Nikki slowly opened her eyes and Katie smiled at her. After a few seconds, the sleepy eyed Nikki returned Katie’s smile.

“Hey, sis.” – she whispered.

“Hey.” – Katie answered – “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No.” – Nikki replied, then added – “But I wish you did. Waking up next to you is better than any dream. Did you sleep well?”

Katie nodded.

Nikki stretched, then she sniffed, turned to her right and looked at the food Katie left there.

“I made breakfast.”

“Wow, smells great.” – Nikki admired it then turned back to Katie and said – “You didn’t have to do that.”

“But I liked doing it.” – Katie argued.

After a short pause she leaned closer to Nikki, trying to kiss her.

Nikki put up a hand before her mouth and said – “Wait, I probably have morning breath.”

Then she turned around, sat up, took one glass from the waiter and drank a few gulps of juice.

Nikki’s reaction made Katie doubt their relationship again – “Umm, you don’t regret us being together, right?”

“No, of course not.” – Nikki replied – “I really just want to smell nice for you. Maybe I should wash my teeth too..”

“Come on, just a little wake-up kiss, OK?” – Katie pleaded.

Nikki nodded, put the glass away, then leaned in and the sisters shared their first kiss of the day. It was just a peck on the lips, but long enough to be significant.

Then Nikki pulled away, swallowing – “Sorry, I’m drooling, the breakfast smells so nice.”

“Or maybe,” – Katie said in a playful voice with a smile on her lips – “it’s me that smells nice?”

Nikki looked at her and, seeing her sister’s expression, she quickly got it.

“Yes it is!” – she shouted like a maniac as she playfully threw herself at Katie, embracing her and kissing her cheek and neck as if she was eating her, making Katie laugh out hysterically.

“You’re so tasty, I could eat you all up.” – she said between kisses and started nibbling at Katie’s ear – “Nom nom!”

“Haha, help I’m being eaten!” – Katie shrieked happily and flailed her legs around, but held firmly onto her sister with her arms.

After a few more nibbles Nikki moved her head back to look into Katie’s eyes, taking deep breaths.

“No, I really wouldn’t mind.” – Katie said breathing deeply as well – “If it was you.”

Nikki kept looking into Katie’s eyes, wondering if she wasn’t talking now about something else. Did her sister want to do it again?

She leaned in closer to kiss Katie, but before their lips touched, she heard her stomach making hungry sounds.

She opened her eyes to see Katie smiling denizli escort at her, saying – “Come on, let’s eat.”

Nikki took a quick trip to the bathroom, then the girls enjoyed their breakfast, right there on Katie’s bed. First they were just eating and chatting, just like normal siblings. But soon they started stealing food from the other one’s plate and it wasn’t long before they playfully fed it to each other, both laughing and almost spilling it on Katie’s bed. Nikki couldn’t remember when she had so much fun during breakfast and looking at Katie’s glowing face, she guessed her sister felt the same way.

She noticed she was still in her pajamas, sweaty from yesterday, hair a mess. Katie, sitting in front of her was dressed, stylish and sexy as if going out. Nikki was suddenly embarrassed when she realized how irresponsible she was, compared to Katie.

“Oh, look at me-” – Nikki said jokingly, looking at herself – “still in my PJ’s while my little baby sister’s already all dressed up.”

“I kinda like your PJ’s,” – Katie said, playfully pulling on Nikki’s pajama bottoms on her leg, then removing her hand – “but why are you calling me your baby sister?”

“Well, I don’t know.” – Nikki started, looking Katie in her eyes, but Katie was still looking down.

“I’m not a baby anymore.” – Katie objected – “Why do you act like I’m still a child? Do you think I’m childish?”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way.” – Nikki remembered how sensitive her sister is about her age. Even now that they were lovers, this didn’t change. This was still Katie, her sister.

“Or is it because I couldn’t come yesterday?” – Katie said looking into Nikki’s eyes now – “Or, or that I didn’t make you come?”

“No, no, no!” – Nikki shook her head, looking down at the bed. She felt her face flush thinking about it and wondering how direct her sister sometimes was, even in intimate matters – “Wait Katie! I was just embarrassed to look like this in front of you.”

“I mean,” – Nikki continued – “you’ve already showered, dressed up in a very sexy way and you made great breakfast for both of us. And what have I done ’til now? Nothing. Didn’t even brush my teeth. I’m the childish one.”

Katie shook her head – “Not true.”

Nikki was glad her sister didn’t agree, but she started to wonder if yesterday was a mistake. Were they moving too quickly? What happened seemed to have a big effect on Katie. But Katie’s face slowly brightened. She looked at Nikki again – “But you made love to me.”

“It was nothing.” – Nikki said sadly.

“No it wasn’t.” – Katie responded – “It was beautiful. It was very important to me.”

“Me too.” – Nikki admitted. Try as she might, Katie was the mature one now.

“Nikki?” – Katie said innocently – “Can I make love to you too?”

“Like, right now?” – Nikki looked at her, surprised at Katie’s quick change of mood.

Katie just shrugged her shoulders – “Why not? Don’t you wanna?”

“I do, of course.” – Nikki replied – “I was just a bit surprised. Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Katie smiled and nodded, she picked up the two plates and put them on the table next to the bed. Then she sat back on the bed, in front of Nikki, but closer than before. Nikki could feel her breath on her face.

As soon as she felt Katie’s scent again, any objections Nikki might have had were gone. They slowly embraced and kissed, breathing deeply.

Katie moved her hands from Nikki’s back to her breasts and Nikki drew a breath when her sister started to massage them through her pajamas.

“You are so pretty.” – Katie said when she looked into Nikki’s eyes.

“Thank you.” – Nikki replied.

Then Katie raised her hands and started slowly unbuttoning Nikki’s top, while nuzzling her neck. Nikki closed her eyes as she enjoyed the gentle sensations caused by her sister. When Katie was done with the buttons, she let go of Katie’s back to help her sister remove the top.

Nikki wanted to see her sister again too, so she moved her hands up Katie’s sides to lift her shirt. Katie understood and straightened up and lifted her arms to let her sister remove it. Nikki noticed long ago Katie wasn’t wearing a bra beneath.

She was glad to see this time Katie wasn’t embarrassed by her body. Now topless, Katie held her back straight, pointing her small breasts proudly upward towards Nikki and slowly swaying seductively from time to time. Katie’s body was beautiful, but it was more her willingness that made Nikki excited. She knew Katie was eager to please her sister and the thought caused the familiar warmth spread between her legs.

“Lay back sis.” – Katie said and pushed Nikki on her back, along the bed. Nikki complied almost too quickly, stretching her legs. She was now actually upside down on the bed, with her head where usually Katie’s legs rested at night.

“Can I take off your bottoms?” – Katie asked innocently as she crawled over to Nikki’s left side, with her knees just touching her left hip.

“You can Katie, diyarbakır escort but why don’t we just kiss for a while first?” – Nikki suggested, feeling she didn’t want to rush things.

“Oh, sorry.” – Katie said when she realized her impatience. As if to undo her mistake, she quickly leaned over Nikki and kissed her deeply, her blond hair tickling Nikki’s face. Then she added – “I didn’t want to rush you, I just want to bring you pleasure like you did to me.”

“I know.” – Nikki replied, and smiled as she used the fingers of her right hand to massage Katie’s head – “I’m not upset, it’s actually quite hot. I just need a little time too. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you when I’m ready. Come, lie down on top of me.”

Katie laid down on her, but even with Katie’s light body, Nikki found it a little hard to breathe with Katie’s full weight on top of her.

“Could you maybe stay up on your arms? It’s a little hard to breathe.” – Nikki suggested.

“Sorry.” – Katie said and lifted her upper body.

“You know Katie,” – Nikki said with a smile – “you don’t have to apologize for everything, especially if it was me who told you to do it.”

“OK.” – Katie smiled too and leaned in for another kiss. Nikki’s sister was getting better at kissing. Using her lips, tongue, even gently biting at Nikki’s lips occasionally, all to Nikki’s great enjoyment. She was only too happy to respond using her free hands to gently rub Katie’s head, back and sides all the way to her waist and back again.

Katie was getting bolder too. She moved to one side as she freed her left hand to put it on Nikki’s breast. Nikki hummed in pleasure, closed her eyes and relaxed, enjoying her sister’s touch. Her sister’s hot breath was on her neck and she held Katie’s head to show her she liked it.

“Yes, kiss my neck please.” – she said and immediately Katie started gently kissing it, while continuing to massage her breast. She started breathing deeply when Katie moved lower. A soft, warm wetness moved over her breasts and engulfed her left nipple, then the other one, while Katie’s hand roamed the rest of her breasts and her stomach. Her boyfriend never did this to her, but she was sure Katie’s gentle mouth was a much better fit for her sensitive nipples.

Her body quickly responded to her sister’s loving stimulation. Her nipples grew and hardened in Katie’s mouth and she felt her a few drops of her juices slide down towards her bottom. She needed more. She took Katie’s left hand with her right and slowly slid it over her stomach, stroking all over it. Then, feeling her wetness increase, she put Katie’s hand over her pajama bottoms, to cover her pussy. She let go of Katie’s hand and pressed her pelvis upwards against it. She moaned, enjoying both the stimulation and the knowledge that Katie understood and was now actively pressing her hand against Nikki’s pussy.

Nikki opened her eyes — “Katie.” – she said. When their eyes met, she continued in a soft voice, the tone now difficult to control in her state of passion – “Could you please take off my bottoms?”

“I would love to.” – Katie replied, smiled and kissed Nikki once again, before moving downwards to grip her pajama bottoms.

Nikki lifted her bottom and Katie slid her pajamas down her legs, until she was completely naked. She felt cold air on her wetness between her legs, but she left her hands on her stomach as Katie took in the sight of her sister’s body – “You are beautiful, Nikki.”

“Thank you. So are you, Katie.”

She now viewed Katie not only as a sister, but also as a lover and exchanging such compliments with her felt just natural.

“Come,” – Nikki said and opened her arms – “lie down next to me.”

Katie followed her advice and laid on Nikki’s left side, leaving Katie’s left hand free.

After a deep kiss, Katie asked – “What should I do?”

“Well, if you like,” – Nikki answered – “you could do the same to me like I did to you before.”

She opened her legs wider to give Katie access. Katie looked down and slowly moved her left hand from Nikki’s stomach to her pussy, cupping it. Then she looked into her sister’s eyes again. Nikki felt a wonderful warmth coming from down there.

“Feels great.” – Nikki smiled at Katie. The warmth was wonderful, but Katie’s happy giggle made her feel even better.

Katie moved her fingers in a similar manner like Nikki did the night before. Her gentle fingers were unexperienced, but Nikki was so aroused her body responded to every touch and every rub. Soon, she was moaning and breathing deeply, her natural instincts making her grind her pelvis into Katie’s hand.

“Can you put one finger inside?” – Nikki asked.

Katie moved her middle finger down to Nikki’s opening. Gently pushing down, the finger easily entered Nikki’s lubricated pussy.

“Yeah, a little deeper. Now, please gently push it upwards, towards my clit.” – Nikki instructed – “Try to keep a steady rhythm.”

Katie did so, making Nikki moan and writhe in pleasure.

“Is that antalya escort good?” – Katie asked.

“Yeah, you can add another finger if you like.” – Nikki answered in a shaky voice.

Katie did so and continued pressing against Nikki’s sensitive tissue. After a few minutes, she started softly kissing Nikki’s neck and cheeks, obviously enjoying Nikki’s smell. Nikki loved these tender signs of affection, however Katie’s attention down there was now wavering slightly, stopping just when Nikki was getting there.

“Katie, can you gently touch my clit with your thumb?”

“Sure sis.” – Katie replied, uncovered Nikki’s clit and softly touched it.

“God, yes!” – Nikki whispered after her body shook for a moment. Katie’s rhythm wasn’t that great, but now she was touching her most sensitive spots and Nikki appreciated all the girl’s efforts. She knew she wasn’t able to hold out this pleasure much longer as she felt the tension in her body rise. Her breathing grew faster too.

Feeling she could help her sister a little, she put her right hand over Katie’s left. Moaning loudly, she held her close as she thrust her pelvis against it, faster and faster. She smelled Katie’s beautiful scent when, half a minute later, the tension got unbearable. Nikki knew there was no going back now. She shut her eyes, pressed Katie’s hand hard against her pussy and used her other hand to hold Katie’s upper body close as her orgasm hit her. Her mouth fell open in a silent scream and she lost control as all her instincts took over, making her young body shake. Now her thrusts were slower, involuntary and violent as her pelvic muscles contracted, releasing wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure through her body, mixed with that sweet scent of her sister.

Slowly, the waves went longer and softer, until they stopped entirely. Nikki collapsed down on the bed, breathing heavily, only twitching occasionally, gradually regaining control. She slowly pulled Katie’s fingers out of her pussy and gently laid it down to just cover it on the surface. She swallowed and continued breathing as she smiled happily at Katie’s face looking down on her. She felt her face and chest flush bright red, as it always did after she came.

Katie, seeing Nikki’s content face, smiled back happily – “You are beautiful sis.”

“Thank you.” – Nikki said between breaths – “That was amazing, Katie. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” – Katie replied and leaned over Nikki to kiss her. Nikki’s post orgasmic bliss made her feel a great need to be close to her lover. She held Katie and started kissing her passionately, only breaking away when she needed to breathe badly. A few minutes later, she laid back on the bed, exhausted, but glowing with happiness. She gently took Katie’s hand from her pussy and put it on her right side as Katie lied down next to her, putting her head on Nikki’s soft breast, cooing softly.

A little while later Nikki realized she was starting to fall asleep again. She woke up when she realized Katie was shaking.

She heard Katie – “Oh, sorry, I didn’t want to wake you up, sis. You looked so lovely while sleeping.”

“No, don’t worry about that, my love.” – Nikki said and gently kissed Katie on her forehead – “It was selfish of me, falling asleep right away. I promise it won’t happen again.”

She looked down when she felt wetness on her shoulder. Katie’s tears. She put her right hand on Katie’s left shoulder and looked down at her face – “What’s wrong, Katie?”

After a moment of silence, Katie answered – “Well, I was thinking about how wonderfully you looked when you came. Then I realized I could never look like that. I’m a little afraid you would stop loving me because I can’t come and you might think I don’t really love you.” – and Katie got up from Nikki’s shoulder to look in her eyes to say – “But I do! I really really love you Nikki!”

“I know Katie.” – Nikki said and smiled as she moved her right to Katie’s head, stroking her hair – “I really love you too. I would never blame you if you don’t come. It’s more my fault that I couldn’t make it happen.”

“No, it’s my fault!” – Katie asserted – “You were great!”

“No.” – Nikki said slowly, shaking her head – “But Katie, isn’t it possible that you were just tense because we were doing it in the living room? You know, like not an intimate place?”

“I don’t know. I think that I was afraid I would make a mess and someone might find out.” – Katie said and looked away embarrassed.

“So that would mean maybe you could relax now?” – Nikki said. Katie might feel much more at ease in her own bed. Then she added, with a devious smile — “And, if you are too sensitive for fingers-“

Then she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, moving it from side to side. Nikki wasn’t just horny, she wanted to do something naughty.

“Oh god.” – Katie said, then bit her lower lip looking from Nikki’s eyes to her tongue, then back again. Her face slowly flushed and she started breathing deeply. Nikki would give a fortune to see what her sister was imagining right now.

“But-” – Katie blurted out – “But you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to!”

“I promise I really do want to do that. Do you think you might like it?” – she said, smiling. Katie’s reaction was obvious and Nikki knew that her sister realized that too. But by now they knew they both enjoyed a bit of verbal foreplay.

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