His Sister’s Secret Life

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This is a work entirely of fiction.

Jimmy was bored. Like most fit and testosterone filled teenagers he was finding it difficult to sit still. His eyes inevitably began roving but almost at once settled on a busty nurse bent over to adjust his sister’s drip.

The top buttons of her uniform had popped open (or had they?) giving him an intriguing view of an overfilled half cup bra and the globes of her breasts.

As he strained to see more her eyes flicked up catching him mid-stare but instead of betraying any sign of annoyance she merely smiled secretly before leaving with her arse swaying.

“I won’t be a moment Mom.”

He departed with a magazine hiding an instant erection and locked himself in a nearby toilet. There he unzipped to free his rampant cock then beat off while imagining releasing and handling those juicy tits.

Later, back in Casualty, his mother had obviously come to a decision.

“I’ve decided it would be best for you to stay at Isabella’s place until she’s recovered.”

“Do I have to?”

Jimmy wasn’t being unsympathetic, he just hadn’t got his head around the situation. So their mother set him straight.

“You’ve got six weeks before you go to Agricultural College so what’s the problem?”

But he was still feeling ill used.

“Why can’t we just lock the place up, and what about my summer job?”

“You know as well as me how soon the low-life around her area will discover there’s no one at home and the City Farm is actually far nearer Isabella’s place than our home.”

“Okay, if you think so.”

He gave in graciously suddenly realising how great it would be to live alone for a few weeks before he went to college.

The chance to be out early from under his mother’s eagle eye, to deal with his frequent embarrassing boners as they occurred was not to be lost. His life at eighteen seemed to be governed by raging hormones so being away from home sooner than expected was maybe something to be welcomed.

Isabella had been knocked off her push bike by a hit and run driver. Both arms and a couple of ribs were broken and she was in an induced coma but saved from a worse fate by her helmet.

Being the Librarian at a local University she was not really required back until the new term and her assistants could cope in Bella’s absence. So maybe the injury couldn’t have happened at a better time or so their mother reckoned.

“Alright, I know she had big plans for a summer reorganisation of the index system but that will have to wait until she has recovered.”

Then, practical as ever, she switched her attention back to Jimmy.

“I’ll bring you round some clean clothes later on.”

They removed the key ring from Isabella’s bum bag and Jimmy departed for the canal side loft apartment in a taxi.

He padded round the place with a cola in hand before the doorbell rang and his mother bustled in loaded down with towels and a large bag. Later, having hung up his clothes and commandeered a drawer for his underwear, she finally left but not before ringing a local pizza bar to place an order.

Jimmy ate the food in front of Isabella’s TV but just as he was thinking of bed the phone rang.

“Hello, 95340.”

There was a definite pause before a female voice sounded in his ear.

“Who is that?”

“It’s Bella’s brother, Jimmy.”

“So can I speak to your sister?”

“No. She’s not actually here, In fact she’s been in an accident.”

“Oh no, was it serious?”

“Bad enough, she’s in St. Brides.”

He eventually slipped naked into his sister’s double bed and wallowed in the subtle fragrance which immediately filled his lungs and caused a powerful erection. His hand grabbed the rod and began a slow wank as he stretched luxuriously.

Bella was twelve years older than him, he had been a considerable surprise to his parents. His sister was slim and sexy and had finally left home when he was only ten. Their contact ever since had been infrequent.

However many of his more lurid fantasies involved Bella and her fantastic body so it was not long before he fired off into the perfumed sheets.

He lay luxuriating in the bliss of occupying her bed and thought back. His sister had never been prudish, he remembered times when she was home from University and had wandered around the house pretty near naked.

Even then he had appreciated her gorgeous build and when much later she had caught him wanking off Isabella had offered to help, but to his later regret Jimmy had been far too embarrassed to accept.

Then he spied her dirty linen basket. Hopping out he rooted through the contents and soon found a pair of tiny cotton panties. He returned to the bed with them pressed against his nose.

He could smell her juices. Did she ever diddle herself? Had she wanked off in these very panties?

Jimmy would never know the answer but the thought was driving him crazy so he came again with his cock wrapped tight in the scrap of material and his hips bucking with every spurt.

The following afternoon izmir escort saw Jimmy back at the hospital. Isabella was out of the coma but sedated, completely out of it, and again he found his attention wandering.

There was no sign today of the big titted nurse but another charmer with a firm rounded arse soon got Jimmy’s attention.

This time he sprayed the toilet mirror with the power of his ejaculation and then needed half the container of hand towels just to remove the evidence.

“Are you alright?” asked his mother when he finally returned but without waiting for an answer continued, “I’ll come back with you tomorrow and take the sheets home to wash.”

The alarm bells rang for a moment but later he explored Isabella’s apartment far more thoroughly and found a pile of soft porn CD’s.

He fed them one after another into the player but none did anything to stoke his randy thoughts. Casting about again he then found Bella’s lap-top and in no time was wanking to proper porn.

He woke to stained sheets and having anointed them with a further sticky load then got into a panic. But when he calmed down Jimmy just bundled the lot, including the contents of Isabella’s linen basket, into a bag and set off for the Laundromat on the next corner.

Having no idea how to proceed a friendly female showed Jimmy what to do and having returned to remake the bed he later set off for the hospital.

Bella had returned to the land of the living and smiled wanly when he arrived.

“Mom tells me that you’re watching over my place.”

He thought she looked a trifle wary so bent forward to whisper in her ear.

“No worries big sis, you’re secrets are safe with me.”

He had no idea how wrong that statement would soon prove but she merely smiled once more.

Later his mother was amazed and left full of praise for Jimmy’s efforts in washing everything and even dealing with the bed. However that evening the phone rang again. It was the same woman as before.

“If I visit the hospital tomorrow is that okay?”

“I expect so, in fact Bella’s conscious now. She’s been moved to Emergency.”

This time he delved further in his search and discovered a number of Domination films. Jimmy settled back to be entertained but for some reason was not even remotely turned on by the action.

Evidently pictures of women dominating other women was not his idea of a sexual romp but curiously it clearly appealed to his sister.

Was she a lesbian? Was she the dominatrix or a victim? He opened up the computer again but this time scrolled down his sisters stored Emails and singled out some from three women in particular.

From Andrea to Isabella

You made me cum so hard last night. I even came again in the car as I drove home. How soon can we do it again.

From Isabella to Andrea

You’ll have to beg a lot harder before that will ever happen.

From Francesca to Isabella

My arse cheeks were so painful I had to use a cushion but last night was heaven. I am your slave forever.

From Belinda to Isabella

My husband saw the marks on my wrists where you’d tied me up. I laughed in his face until his pitiful erection subsided.

“Jesus. Was one of these the woman who phoned?”

“Francesca,” croaked Isabella, “this is a nice surprise but how did you know I was in hospital?”

“I rang your number and spoke to Jimmy. For a mere brother he sounded pretty clued up.”

“He’s on duty at the City Farm today otherwise you would have met.”

Even as they were speaking Jimmy was about to cum. A sudden erection had needed immediate attention and so, not for the first time and hidden behind the cowshed, his hand redoubled speed and with a stifled cry he liberally coated the corrugated iron against which he was leaning.

But his efforts had been observed by two prurient young woman. The attractive one of the pair was content to admire Jimmy from afar and deal with her arousal later, but the other had decided to act.

In what passed as a canteen this unappealing bird had decided on a way to answer her most pressing problem. Not being in any way desirable a chance to get rid of an unwanted virginity was heaven sent.

“I think they will sack you, but there is a way to save yourself.”

Jimmy looked hard at the fat girl.

“Tomorrow when the farm is closed you can fuck me, otherwise I’m telling the management all about your behaviour.”

The two girls had taken Jimmy to what doubled as an office and the plump one was on her knees with his cock in her mouth. He was actually having difficulty getting a proper erection but the sight of the pretty girl’s hand moving inside her overalls helped no end.

“Bend over the desk,” he ordered then pulled down the podgy girl’s panties and rolled a johnnie onto his now much stiffer cock.

“Open your legs wider.”

She obeyed and he rammed home. The tart squealed then pushed back to meet his thrusts but while his hands gripped her hips his eyes were fixed on mersin escort the masturbating girl. She was leaning back against the wall with her gaze fixed on the copulating couple and the shape of her hand as it worked on her pussy was outlined clearly despite the loose fitting denim.

“Are you ready to cum?” He mouthed later in her direction.

Heavy lidded she merely nodded “Yes” before the movement of her hand suddenly slowed and her legs started to shake. Then her body arched forward and she cried out at which point Jimmy immediately shot his load.

“But I haven’t had an orgasm?”

The overweight girls voice was anguished when he stopped moving but Jimmy merely withdrew and peeled off the blood stained condom which he dropped on the desk before replacing his overall.

“I only agreed to a fuck not to get you off, oh, and I’ll leave the johnnie as a souvenir.”

“I know you little brother, you’ve found my CD’s and been into my emails?”

Their mother had left the Ward to discuss treatment with the duty doctor and Isabella was taking the opportunity of quizzing Jimmy in private. She could see at once from his guilty face that her suspicions were true.

“And I hear that you’ve discovered the Laundromat. I bet my sheets were in a sorry state.”

He just nodded having been caught without any excuse.

“So how do you feel about having a sister with lesbian tendencies?”

“Okay I suppose, but have you ever tried blokes?”

“Of course, particularly when I was your age, but so many of them proved a real disappointment.”

“I can see that I’ve got a lot to learn, what do you mean ‘a disappointment’?”

“They don’t understand what a woman needs,” he still looked puzzled so she continued, “they don’t know how to give a woman pleasure.”

“And tying them up does?”

She smiled tentatively.

“Some women really like it although I haven’t tried very often with men.”

By the next visit Bella was out of Emergency Care and into a private room, courtesy of her health insurance.

“This is very nice.”

Jimmy’s mother had looked around in admiration but at that moment a woman in her early thirties arrived and was introduced as Francesca.

“Bloody hell,” said Jimmy, but fortunately not in anyone’s hearing, then sat on the margins admiring his sister’s lover.

She had flaming red hair and virtually no tits but was nevertheless a real looker. About 1.8 metres, he reckoned, and with legs up to her armpits which was immediately explained when Bella confirmed that her visitor was a professional dancer.

That night Jimmy needed no porn. He came three times before breakfast as he imagined those long legs wrapped around his neck and Francesca’s fanny in his mouth.

A few days later Isabella and Jimmy were alone and she was moaning about her sexual frustration. Her body was rapidly recovering but her arms were still locked rigid in the plaster casts.

“I’m getting desperate for an orgasm Jimmy but there’s no way I can do it for myself.”

“Tough titty Bella.”

“Say’s the bloke who’s probably cum already today. Listen Jimmy, I feel really deprived if I don’t have a treat at least twice a day.”

He was quiet as he reckoned up the frequency of his own wanking, particularly since moving into Isabella’s place. But it was as if his sister was a mind reader.

“How often do you do it brother dear.”

He was buggered if he would reply but she wouldn’t take silence for an answer.

“Come on James. You already know everything about me.”

“Okay. If I’m honest it’s three or four times a day, sometimes five, but only since I moved into your place. Like you it was probably twice a day before that.”

“So have you had a women yet?”

“Once. The other day in fact.”

He told Isabella the whole unsavoury story and she giggled until the pain from her ribs became too severe.

A day later and after dark the doorbell rang. He opened up to find Francesca who slipped in before pulling him close.

“Is that for me?”

Her voice was husky as she whispered in his ear. She was referring to his erection which had grown solid against her stomach.


He had muttered apologetically only for her to pin him against the wall and begin a circular motion with her hips.

“Isabella has sent me to educate you.”

Her breath was sweet against his cheek as he began to lose control.

“I’m sorry Francesca, I’m going to cum.”

She nuzzled his neck as he anointed his Y-fronts then stroked his cheek.

“Never mind darling, lets go and get you cleaned up.”

She led him to the bathroom, clearly knowing her way around the apartment, and having stripped him naked found a face cloth with which she wiped Jimmy tenderly.

“Next time you’ll do much better.”

She was already drawing him into the bedroom where this wet dream of a woman slowly stripped.

“Tie me up Jimmy.”

He was shocked. This was altogether out of his comfort sakarya escort zone but she seemed to sense his confusion.

“No not on my back, let me turn over. You’ll find some silk scarves in the top drawer which Bella keeps for that purpose.”

He searched, the activity making his cock go limp, but somehow as he leant over her quivering body to secure first her wrists and then her ankles to the bedposts his erection returned like magic.

“Get the hairbrush Jimmy, yes that’s the one. Now beat my bum darling boy.”

He began tentatively, afraid of hurting, but she would have none of his lack of enthusiasm.

“Harder darling, lay on like you meant it.”

And so he obeyed causing her to thrash about before raising her bottom and shrieking as a powerful orgasm hit and she subsided flat to the sheet.

Maybe it was the sight of her wide open fanny, wet and moist, that then got him going and as he climbed on Jimmy was amused to see that her profuse pubic hair was as red as that caught up in her pony tail.

“Fuck me up the back Jimmy.”

Her eyes were closed and her bum rose to greet him but despite his inexperience Jimmy found the right hole and slipped in without difficulty.

This time he successfully held off his own climax and felt triumphant as she came noisily before he withdrew and shot off into her thatch.

“How did you get on with Francesca?”

They were alone in Isabella’s private room as Jimmy’s mother had an urgent staff meeting back at school.

“I was humiliated because I came in my boxer’s before we were even out of the hall.”

“Oh darling, how shaming for you.”

“But I didn’t realise that I had to tie her up.”

“She can’t get off unless someone does.”

“Oh, and I thought it was my expertise.”

“A bit of both brother dear, but now you owe me big time.”

“Okay, so what do you need?”

“I’ve already told you.”

“What me! You want your own brother to get you off?”

“Who better.”


“Yup, I’ve been going mad lying here not being able to touch myself.”

He still looked doubtful.

“You can start by caressing my breasts.”

Oh god he thought, this is so wrong, but it’s what I’ve dreamed of for so long. In the event her nipples rose at his touch and she sighed with pleasure.

“Pinch them Jimmy. Roll them around in your finger tips then for pities sake kiss me.”

Her mouth opened under his and she played with his tongue as he tended her tits until she was soon gasping with enjoyment.

“Now my clit Jimmy…How it’s longed for a proper seeing to but don’t touch it directly…Just circle the hood with your finger.”

He did as asked all the time conscious that her breathing was becoming heavier, more uncontrolled, until she finally whispered in his ear.

“Put your fingers in me now…In a bit more…Ohh that’s perfect.”

She writhed on his hand with her hips rolling until he sensed a change when her voice became guttural with passion.

“Now you find my “G” Spot. Curl your fingers forward and you’ll feel a soft spongy bit. Yes there, that’s the place. Now stroke it.”

Jimmy felt her hips rise and her breathing quicken as his own erection strained in his jeans.

“Rub it ’til I cum…It wont take long…Ohh…Ohhh…Ohhhh…That’s nice Jimmy…Now it’s beginning…Ohhhhh yes…That’s fucking great…ohhhhhh…”

He was amazed at the power he now had over this fabulous woman and watched in wonder as Bella orgasmed, jerking over and over again whilst slowly winding down and finally lying prone and sated.

Later when he had sketchily straightened the bed clothes she confided in her brother.

“I nearly got off yesterday when that busty nurse was giving me a sponge bath. She seemed to spend an awful long time washing my clit but sadly it was over too soon.”

“You mean the one with the big tit’s?”

“Yeah, that one.”

Then Bella had pity on Jimmy and sent him to wank in her private bathroom.

“But leave the door open so I can watch.”

Their mother, a head mistress in her late forties, was a divorced woman who wasn’t short of admirers although she rarely succumbed to any advances.

She was extremely fit having been, along with her son, a member of the local fitness centre for some time. Wise in the ways of the world she cornered Jimmy one evening in Isabella’s apartment.

“You’ve lost your virginity.”

It was a statement rather than a question and he wisely remained silent.

“Did you take precautions?”

“Of course, what do you take me for?”

“A horny teenager, that’s what, and I’m glad you’ve taken notice of my warnings. But to change the subject I’m worried about your sister. She never seems to have a boyfriend.”

“Mom, even if I knew anything you wouldn’t expect me to tell tales?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that I’m becoming pretty sure that she’s a lesbian. I mean there’s more to her relationship with Francesca than meets the eye.”

“Is that so bad? Like how would you feel if I announced that I was homosexual?”

“You mean like your father.”

“Jesus, was he?”

“Yes, but only later.”

“Wow. I never knew.”

“How would you? You were only three when he went off to live with another man. But to come back to Isabella. I suppose the thought of her preferring women isn’t so bad?”

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