In Four Seasons Ch. 02 – Spring

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Spring in Australia is tourist season, and for good reason.

The Territory has hit the dry season, making the heat tolerable for the non-locals, and the humidity practically disappears. Leaving you free to see ancient wonders.

Whereas down south, the ski slopes in the Snowy Mountains are still open, and the powder is soft and fluffy.

The water is beginning to warm up, so you can travel the enormous coastline to any of the beaches.

Any clime that you want, is right there at your fingertips.

One of the more popular tourist destinations didn’t see all of those, but it did span the entire nation. A ninety year old traintrack that ran from Adelaide in South Australia, all the way to Darwin, cutting right through the heart of the country and covering nearly three thousand kilometres.

Three days of good food, comfortable cabins, and sights found in few other places around the world.

It wasn’t the kind of trip that Lee would usually be taking, too expensive for his conscience. He never could self-indulge.

He’d only take a holiday like this one if it was for a girl, and a train trip isn’t exactly the most private of places. It was a showstopper for any girl with a decent set of pipes, like most of his exes.

Wasn’t that Lee looked for loud girls, he just usually found them.

However, he still found himself in the green city. Standing and looking at the River Torrens, the Karrawirraparri. It was slow, tranquil, and beautiful, just as much as it stank.

It smelled more like a lake, than a river, which wasn’t exactly what Lee had been expecting.

The sun was still rising, the expansive sky turned a deep crimson from the combination of just another sunrise, and the sand sitting just outside the city limits.

He yawned and stretched, thankful for the morning cool wind. Knowing that the city was going to be heating up, and where he was going to head was going to get even hotter.

“Lee!” He heard an excited yell, but before he could turn someone hit him from the side, crash-tackling him to the ground in a fierce cuddle.

He glared at the redhead, “Ow.”

She sat up and shrugged, before grinning at him and grabbing another momentary hug. She bounced to her feet with way too much enthusiasm, and then she gagged. “Wow. Someone let the river go.”

“Rotting seaweed.” He agreed, rubbing one of his shoulders, “How have you been, Izzy?”

She yawned again, “Coffee-less. Wanna grab some? Probably somewhere nearby we can sit for a bit.”

It had been a little over six weeks since he’d seen her.

Six weeks since he’d woken up one morning to his sister doing something for him that had felt amazing, and completely changed his perspective on her.

Lee wasn’t exactly comfortable, even now.

Isabella was every man’s wet dream. A bright redhead, with a casual attitude to life and sex, and an open mind ready to try anything for the first time.

Walking towards her, trying to catch up, Lee could see a small sway to her hips. Her firm ass, highlighted by denim short-shorts that were barely long enough to cover her panties.

“It’s still tight.”

Lee raised an eyebrow as Izzy grinned back at him, slowing down to let him catch up. “What, now?”

“My ass. It’s still tight. One of my best assets, if I do say so, myself.” Izzy smirked.

He winced, “Please tell me you’re not going to do this for the entire trip.”


Lee glared at her, “Yeah, right. Like you don’t know. It was my first thought when you asked me to come, and the reason I said, no.”

“Sorry.” Izzy said painfully and scratched an anxious hand through her hair, “I wasn’t trying to tease you. Well, not entirely. Mostly just trying to see if my outfit looks as good as it makes me feel.”

He sighed, and gave her a once over.

Somehow, despite it only being spring, Izzy’s legs were beginning to tan. She had always been like that. A light brown in the sun months, and a pale white in the winter.

She was wearing thongs on her feet, the flipflops showing off just how much of a local she was. As if she were trying to compensate for her far more nerdy worklife.

Further up, her silver stud, with a blue gemstone, stuck just into the edge of her bellybutton. The little jewellery on display from her exposed midriff.

Her cutoff top was loose-fitting, black, and had some see-through lace around the shoulders. Over which her red hair cascaded, falling down below her shoulder blades.

Her fringe was a little differently cropped than when he’d last seen her, curling towards her face, and helping to highlight her baby blue eyes.

“Iz. You’re stunning. Like always.”

She grinned happily, “Good. So… This place looks nice.”

They stopped in at the coffee shop. The architecture was from the older city, all stonework and overhanging wooden balconies. Like stepping back into the 1800s.

Izzy ordered a cappuccino, and Lee got himself a black coffee, and the two of them decided to take their drinks outside.

“You planning on Girne Escort trying to get a date, on this trip?” Lee asked her, turning the conversation back to her outfit, “Be kinda awkward, seeing as we’re sharing a sleeper cabin.”

She shrugged, “Probably not. Never hurts to be prepared. But… Nah. I’ve just been a bit… Down. Not feeling pretty. Happens.”

“Really? You’ve never seemed that concerned about the way you look. You’re the girl who prefers toys to the real thing.” Lee was surprised.

Izzy rolled her eyes, “No. No, I do not. I really fucking like the real thing. It’s just… Not worth the effort involved to get it. And one night stands are just an STD waiting to happen, so… Batteries and silicone.”

“Dancing around the topic. As usual.” Lee commented, before sipping at his coffee and leaning back in his seat. Saying nothing, the most effective way to make someone talk.

Izzy didn’t seem to mind the silence.

She sat in her chair, with a quiet sort of smile on her face as the wind gently blew into her face, the breeze playing with her hair.

This trip was looking like it was going to be a long one.

Lee really had turned her down, the first time Izzy had called him. Apparently she’d booked it six months ago to go with one of her friends, who had to bail at the last minute.

Something to do with an unexpected pregnancy, and having to meet the family of a guy she hadn’t actually wanted to get to know that well.

With a spare ticket, Izzy didn’t want to waste it, but everyone she knew either had plans… Or she didn’t trust enough to share a sleeper cabin with, without reading into it.

Lee had finally agreed.

Mostly because he’d been wanting to take this particular trip for years, and partly because he was hoping that he and Izzy might be able to find a normal relationship, again.

“I noticed your new jewellery last time.” Lee gave up and broke the silence, “How long have you had a piercing for, Izzy?”

She looked down and gently touched it, “Oh, this? Well… You might say that’s what happened last time I wasn’t feeling that pretty. I like it, but it’s way more work to keep clean than I expected.”

“Do you ever answer a straight question?”

She grinned at him, “Not if you’re the one asking it. I don’t know. Few weeks before we last saw each other? It was a spur of a moment type thing. Just walked in and got it done. Did it work? You like?”

“Same colour as your eyes.” Lee said quietly, “Of course, that’s going to look cute.”

“Cute, huh?” Izzy said with disappointment.

He rolled his eyes, “You really expect me to call you sexy?”

“Kinda. Yeah.” She blew at her fringe, “Wow. It’s already starting to get warm. Any idea what the weather is going to be like, today?”

“Thirty by the time we need to leave. Cools back down to twenty overnight.” He decided not to talk about why she thought it would be okay for him to call her sexy. Izzy was trying to insist she’d opened that door, whilst he was trying to close it.

She stuck out her tongue, “Eugh. Prefer the winter. Rugging up in front of a fire is so much better than sweating like a pig. I hope the cabin has A/C.”

“You know we’re going to be in the middle of a freaking desert by tomorrow, right?” Lee said in surprise.

Izzy nodded, “Mmm. It was mostly Kay’s idea. She doesn’t mind the heat… But this is the Ghan. Not something I wanted to pass up. So… Anything you want to do before we need to catch the train?”

“Nope. This trip was last minute for me. I don’t exactly have the cash for souvenirs.”

She smiled over at him, “Oh. So you want a souvenir, then? One for each place we stop?”

“I just said I couldn’t afford to do anything like that. I’m just going to chill and enjoy myself.” Lee stated.

Izzy sprang to her feet, “Well, then. Not often I get to play the older sister role. Let’s go find some tourist shit!”

“Isn’t it mostly wine or music stuff?” Lee failed to shift from where he was sitting, not interested in carting his bag around the city on a wild goose chase by his excitable sister.

She glared over at him, “It was supposed to be a surprise, but if you don’t actually get off your ass, we’re going to be late. I kinda booked something. I was just going to take you by the JamFactory, to look at the pretties, and then get distracted by next door.”

Lee took a last mouthful of coffee and stood up, walking beside her and trundling his case. “What’s next door to the… Jam factory?”

“The Factory is a jewellery place. Well, a design place.” Izzy informed him, as she looped an arm through his and started dragging him along. “Been wanting to do their metalwork course, but I didn’t want to move to South Australia.”

“Better to finish the uni course you’re already doing.” Lee agreed.

She rolled her eyes, “Eugh. Work is so boring at the moment. If someone asks me to write another line of PHP right now, I’m going to scream. No talking about that crap.”

“You’re not Kıbrıs Escort going to tell me where we’re going, are you?”

The redhead shook her head, “Nope. S’posed to be a surprise, after all. Think of this whole trip… As me making up for anything I did wrong.”

“Well, it was wrong. But I did enjoy it.” He said cautiously, “I think I’d prefer it if you didn’t make a big deal of it, though. Take it as something I enjoyed, and is never going to happen again.”

Izzy looked over at him, “Seriously? Are you still stuck on that? That’s the reason you’ve been avoiding me?”

“… Yes?”

She snorted in amusement, “Man, Lee. I barely did a damn thing. Is it really that rare for a girl to go down on you?”

“You’re my sister.” He whispered.

Izzy shrugged, “And I’ve got a pussy, too. Being your sister doesn’t go and turn me into some kind of saint who swore a vow of celibacy. You’re hot, I was horny.”

“Stop pretending it meant nothing, please.” Lee sighed heavily, “Not like I’m the only one who was avoiding. None of your usual disasters needed my attention, recently.”

She hugged his arm tighter, “I guess. I was just kinda trying to give you some space to deal. So, anybody else blow you, recently?”

“Worst segue, ever.”

Izzy glanced at him, and looked hurt, “What. The. Fuck. Are you back with your ex, Lee? After the way she treated you? That… Bitch!”

“Huh? No.” He said, surprised by just how angry she was, “I… Do you remember me mentioning a girl at the office? You kinda encouraged me about just screwing around with her.”

She looked away from him, and spoke through gritted teeth. “Kinda.”

“Trixie. She’s fun, fiery.” He said slowly, “We’ve done a couple things. Wouldn’t exactly call it dating.”

Izzy let go of his arm, putting her hands behind her head and stretching, showing off her smooth and firm belly as she did. “So how is it? Just fucking around?”

“Fast, frantic. Breath of fresh air.” He said cautiously, feeling like someone was standing behind him with a knife. Not entirely sure how he’d screwed up, this time.

She yawned, “Well, just make sure you’ve got the expectations clear, little brother. Gotta have a talk about exclusivity, especially if you end up with a rash because of her.”

“It is, exclusive, for now.” Lee said cautiously, “And Iz, I really don’t need a lesson on how to use a condom.”

She burst out laughing and nudged his arm, “Sorry. I just didn’t realise my little brother knew how to get some nookie without the romance. Not your first rodeo, huh?”

“It is. But, I’m also not an idiot.”

Izzy smiled at him, “No. Never an idiot. Just… Clueless.”


“Nothing.” She said innocently, and then pointed up ahead, “You can see it. Where are we headed, Lee?”

He knew she was side-stepping, again, but every time he tried to pin her down on anything she always managed to dance away. He didn’t like that particular tango.

He frowned, “Is that… That’s the film place, right? They run the Adelaide Film Festival.”

“Mercury Theatre. They run a bunch of classics on Sundays. Like today.” Izzy said, and pulled two tickets out of her shorts and handed him one, “So… What do you say, Lee? Wanna catch a movie with your big sister?”

He took it, trying to remember the last time they had seen a movie together. It must have been when he was still a kid.

He’d had a chocolate covered cone, with mint icecream. The movie had been some kind of action film with lots of explosions, but he’d been too young to follow it.

All he really remembered was the icecream.

“We haven’t done that since… I don’t know how long.” He said in surprise, “Guess we both grew up, and got too boring.”

Izzy shrugged, “Yeah. I tended to go out with my girlfriends. Don’t get too excited, though. Movie is North by Northwest. Which I kinda assume you’ve seen more than once or twice.”

“Ha.” Lee grinned, “Another train trip, though across a different country. And hopefully we don’t have a murder mystery on our trip.”

She smiled at him, and took his arm back, “And we don’t need to climb into a top berth. You and I are going to have a comfy bed in a modern luxury cabin.”

“Which means it will totally have A/C.”

Izzy yawned, “You listen. I think that’s what really bugs me.”

“Bugs you about what? What did I do, now?” He cringed.

She shrugged and hugged his arm briefly, “Forget that. If you spot something inside to help you remember the trip, lemme know. This is my treat, Lee.”

“Five bucks to get a date was a decent investment.” Izzy commented as they emerged from the theatre, tossing her popcorn box in the bin. “Though… That was back in the 60s, right? Might be different, now.”

Lee shrugged, “More like fifty. But just to get Grant? I never really got why the guy was seen as attractive.”

“Mmm. Much prefer to have Eva.” Izzy agreed.

He laughed, “So, my sister plays with the girls, does she?”

“Nope. But Kıbrıs Escort she was still clearly the hottest thing in the movie. The guy might be all charm, but he always seemed like the type to pay you to leave, to me.” Izzy said as she took his arm back.

Lee shrugged, “Tastes certainly change over time. Guess we should head in the direction of the train station. But, this was nice. Good start to our holiday.”

“Mmm.” Izzy yawned, “Fuck’s sake. I’m hyped up on caffeine, from coffee and coke, and I still feel exhausted. I don’t think I’m going to be much fun, today.”

He squeezed her arm reassuringly, “You’re always fun, Iz. Even when you make me feel like I’m digging a hole, I ask for help, and you hand me a shovel.”

“Highlight of my day when I can hand you a post digger.”

He rolled his eyes, “So, apart from waking up early to get here, any reason you’re so exhausted? Exams? You’ve already said it isn’t about a boyfriend.”

“Didn’t sleep last night.” Izzy said casually, in the way she did when she was hiding something. “Guess I was just excited for this.”

Lee laughed, “Are you expecting me to buy that?”

“Nope. Because I’m paying for the trip. You don’t get to buy anything. Last chance for a souvenir, before we head out.” Izzy grinned at him.

He shook his head.

She grinned, and they stepped back out into the sun, and the already rising heat. It might be spring-ish, but this was still a part of the country that warmed up.

At least they’d be avoiding the humid months, which made the heat tolerable.

The walk to the train station was pleasant, with all of Adelaide’s parks along the way. It really did feel nice to escape from the thoughts of work and life.

Trix was a similar kind of distraction for him.

He wasn’t exactly sure where that particular relationship was going. He wasn’t interested in maintaining it longterm, but he had been getting a feeling that Trix wanted more.

She’d made hints about wanting to pick up dinner, or maybe sleeping over at one of their houses.

Problem was, Lee hadn’t wanted that. He’d taken her up on the sex, and she was a good fuck, but after Erin he wasn’t interested in that kind of investment.

His house still felt empty without her.

The least lonely he had felt, since Erin dumped him, was the night he had spent with Izzy.

Well, apart from when they’d fought and he had ended up in his own bedroom instead.

He did not want to fight with her, this time.

The train was a silver one, as the two of them climbed on board and made a beeline for their cabin. Izzy had snagged the key and made it clear she didn’t want to talk to the staff who greeted them.

The cabin, itself, was huge.

There was a couch, a couple benches, a bunch of cupboards and some full-width windows. It felt more akin to a hotel room than something aboard a train.

Izzy dropped her bag, and then collapsed onto the couch, which Lee assumed actually somehow folded down into the bed, because he didn’t see one of those around.

With his sister taking up the whole of the sitting space, he made use of the bathroom quickly.

When he came back, she was sitting up, and it looked like some other staff had come by.

The table in front of the couch had a bottle of wine in a cooler, a couple champagne flutes, and two lunch spreads on it.

She waved him over, “They heard I didn’t really seem in the mood to join everyone in the lounge car for the get-to-know-you lunch thingy. So apparently we can chill here.”

Lee pulled the wine bottle up, looking at it in surprise, “Actual champagne. From Champagne. Is this included?”

“Mmm. Everything’s already paid for, Lee. So… Pour me a glass?” She said excitedly, “Never had a guy hand me some champagne. Kinda romantic.”

He popped the cork smoothly, and poured out the bubbling and golden liquid, “That’s just kinda sad. I know you don’t date much, but has no one ever put in effort to get you?”

“That’s the drawback about being honest about just wanting to get laid. Guy’s don’t feel the need to even romance you a little.” Izzy replied, taking the glass from him and sipping at it.

He shook his head and sat down beside her, “That sucks. Don’t they get that romance is part of foreplay, too?”

“Most don’t do foreplay, either.” Izzy rolled her eyes.

Lee shook his head, pitying her. He put an arm around his shoulders and squeezed her, “At least you don’t need to worry about that, now.”

“Depends how well you sleep.” She said quietly, “I may have brought some… Battery things.”

“You’re terrible.” Lee replied, and pointed, “You can use the bathroom, and tell me nothing.”

“Come on!” Izzy complained, as he began to ignore her and eat the spicy prawn meal. “It isn’t like there’s anything you haven’t seen. A girl… I already don’t feel pretty, Lee. You don’t want me both horny and depressed. I was going to wait for you to fall asleep.”

He looked at her in concern, “You’re really feeling that way? Depressed and ugly? You’re stunning.”

“Then kiss me.”

“I… What?”

The redhead flushed and looked down, “Don’t read into it. I just… You’d be honest, if you kissed me. I’d be able to tell what you feel. No lies.”

He was supposed to be exclusive to Trixie.

She was his sister.

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