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He couldn’t sleep. Her image kept returning to him as he lay next to his wife who was sleeping contently. They had run into each other frequently during the day on the ski slopes, at lunch, and again at dinner. He could not keep his eyes off of her as she frequently glanced at him, flirting openly. His wife, and the woman’s male companion, were oblivious to the eye contact and secret smiles reflecting their mutual attraction.

“Damn,” he thought to himself as he silently got out of bed. I wonder what this is all about.” He was happily married, at least he thought so, and yet this diminutive dark haired woman with the bright smile had his heart beating as it had not in many years. He walked to the window overlooking the snowy resort landscape, lit romantically in the gently falling snow. Several hundred yards away he noticed the steam rising from the outdoor hot tubs next to the workout rooms and indoor pool.

“Maybe some time in the hot tub will help me relax,” he thought. Glancing at his watch he realized it was 2 am. Thought merged into action as he found himself putting on his bathing suit and fluffy cotton robe. Quietly he left the room and entered the snowy night.

As he shuffled through the accumulating snow on the path to the hot tubs he breathed deeply and opened his robe to feel the cold snow on his body. He felt better already as the exercise and stimulating cold and snow invigorated him. He hoped no one was in the tubs as he was enjoying being alone tonight. As he opened the gate and entered the enclosure where the hot tubs were located he noticed a person faintly visible through the snow and steam rising into the darkness.

As he walked silently forward he saw the person more clearly in the smallest tub. It was she, the woman he had fantasized about all afternoon and evening. The realization startled him and froze him in his tracks. The synchronicity of the moment astounded him, excited him, and frightened him at the same time. Again the thought entered his awareness, “what the hell is going on, was it fate or coincidence or just damn blind luck?”

She had her head thrown back on the edge of the tub and her eyes were şerifali escort closed. She had not heard him approach and was in her own world. The noise of the bubbling warm water and rush of the jets had masked the soft footsteps of his approach. He stood at the edge of the tub and watched her silently. She was absolutely beautiful. And, she was naked. Her suit was clumped on the edge of the tub next to her head. Her pert breasts bobbed to the swirling motion of the water. He watched her face, expecting her to open her eyes and see him standing there at any moment. She grimaced and bit her lower lip. It was then that the awareness swept over him and his eyes followed her arms beneath the water. She was masturbating. For a moment he thought about retreating silently into the night. But just as quickly he felt his arousal rising, as did the steam surrounding her small beautiful body less than ten feet away.

He moved silently into the tub with her. She was still not aware of his presence. Now less than eight feet away, he watched her face as his body adjusted to the hot water. Her left hand had moved to her breast as she gently massaged her nipple in small circles. Her right arm was moving visibly beneath the water. He removed his bathing shorts and grasped his how rock hard penis and began to stroke it. His eyes locked on her face as he entered into her erotic rhythm.

With each facial change, a twitch or grimace or smile of pleasure, his excitement increased. She stretched suddenly and let out a small moan as her orgasm swept over her. After a few moments he saw her relax and become immobile. She was as if in sleep as she slumped in her ecstasy. He continued to stroke himself as she moved again and slowly opened her eyes. Their eyes locked and she fought to control and disguise her surprise. Smiling at him through her embarrassment she uttered the first words he had heard her speak. Busted! She uttered sheepishly, “It’s you, I knew you would be here tonight.”

“Let me see,” she whispered. “What,” he responded, somewhat confused by the request and situation. “You know what” she silivri escort teased. “I want to watch you play with yourself. After all, you just watched me didn’t you? “Busted” he responded playfully, and they laughed together. Come on, sit on the edge of the tub and let me watch you. I have always wanted to watch a man do himself,” she said a bit embarrassed, not quite able to bring herself to say masturbate. He stood up slowly, still stroking himself, and sat on the edge of the tub. The snow felt refreshing as it struck his steaming body. He looked at her and again their eyes met. She smiled at him and he saw her eyes move to watch his hand and fully erect penis.

“Nice” she again whispered as she watched him. Her voice sounded husky and sensual, obviously she was as aroused by this encounter. “You have a beautiful penis.” She then slouched down into the water and pointed her toes at him. Her hands rested on the bottom of the tub as she stretched toward him. Both breasts were now above the water and her nipples stood rigidly as flakes of snow melted on contact. She moved slowly across the tub until she placed her feet on the seat where he had been sitting. She smiled at him and raised her hips upward as she began to spread her legs apart, opening herself to his eyes. He began to stroke more quickly, responding to this incredibly sexy woman now just a few feet away from him.

She opened her legs and raised her buttocks, and her pubic hairs emerged from the water, dark black like the hair on her head. Slowly she continued to raise her hips until he could see her labia emerging above the surface. She spread her legs wider and he could see her pink folds open to him. She moved one hand to her pubic area, the other hand holding her above the water, and began to masturbate with him. “Wait for me,” she said huskily, “I want to cum with you.”

She moved to the water jet that had been on the small of his back just a few minutes ago and positioned herself so that as she moved two fingers in and out of her vagina, the water pulsed forcefully against her clitoris. He slid downward into şirinevler escort the hot water and sat close to her, his cock brushing against her thigh as he lowered his head and kissed her nipple.

She whimpered as his mouth enclosed her nipple and his tongue lapped gently. Instinctively she grasped his penis and began to stroke it. “Let me do it” she whispered into his ear as she changed position and placed her buttocks on his legs, her legs moving to grasp his hips. She moved forward until her labia brushed his balls as she continued to stroke him with her hand. He found himself barely able to keep up with her aggressiveness.

Ever since he had first noticed her on the ski run earlier in the day she had taken control of him somehow. Now in this unlikely encounter in the middle of a snowy night she continued to astound him with her feminine power. She grasped his cock and rose slightly from the water, placing it at her warm wet entrance. Slowly she lowered herself onto him. He became lost to the sensations of her warmth enveloping his manhood. They kissed deeply as he slid into her slowly, stretching her, she opening to him and grasping his hardness. When he was deep into her she stopped moving and they held one another, continuing to kiss with urgent mouths. She began to squeeze his hardness with her muscles and he began to respond by surging his penis in response. She moved her hips in a slow circle, pushing his penis against her clitoris with each movement. It had begun to snow heavily and they felt it strike their bodies.

The contrast of the hot water and the cold snow flakes melting on impact on their skin mirroring this surreal encounter. They rose together to the peak, slowly, lovingly; gently they entered a new awareness together, surrendering to the unfolding reality of this fateful connection. She held him suddenly, grabbing his back with her fingers and biting his neck as she screamed with pleasure. As if she finally gave him permission he began cumming with her, moaning into the night as together they rode the waves of ultimate intimacy.

They sat and held one another for the longest time. No words could capture either the nature of the magical moment they had just shared, or the resolution of how it would ever be repeated. She pulled away from him and stood up and shook the snow from her robe as she placed it around her shoulders. Tears were in her eyes as she placed her two fingers on her lips and then placed them on his lips. “I know,” she whispered to him, “me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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